The Bourne Stuntacular, what is the Universal attraction that is inspired by the film series?

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The The Bourne Stuntacular is Universal Orlando's immersive attraction based on the American German action, spy and thriller series Bourne. It mixes fun, special effects, stunts and objects used in this movie classic.

What is The Bourne Stuntacular?

The Bourne Stuntacular is one of the newest universal studio attractions at Orlando Resort opened on June 30. By the way, it is a mixture of a show, a simulator and a dark ride. An incredible novelty, super different from anything seen in parks in the city.

As soon as you enter, you can see the original objects from the films of the Universal Pictures franchise, including the famous Bourne Identity chase car. The attraction has been pleasing and surprising the public.

For anyone who is a fan of the saga, it is fun on its own, but the place has the potential to please not only moviegoers, but the whole family. Anyway, for those who feel excited and want to enjoy a movie after the park, Universal has the Cinemark Orlando at CityWalk.

Opening image captured from the films that inspired The Bourne Stuntacular
The Bourne Stuntacular is one of Universal's new attractions that promises to please moviegoers. Universal publicity image in Attractions Magazine Staff

Inspired by The Bourne franchise

She is called The Bourne Stuntacular, because it pays homage to the films in the Bourne franchise. The scenarios refer to the action scenes of the movies with all the details, not only the car, but also the motorcycle that the character Jason uses in the Bourne Ultimatum.

Finally, another interesting point worth highlighting is that the actors really embody the characters, both Jason appears and Nicky Parsons.

Location and opening hours

The The Bourne Stuntacular is right at the entrance to the Universal park, close to the traditional Rockit, the roller coaster famous for playing music according to the visitor's taste.

As well as Despicable Me, the Minions attraction, its entrance is on the other side of the lake. Also, the attraction is open from 9am to 9pm. It is worth putting it in the script of 1 day at Universal Studios.

Ideal for all ages?

The information on Universal Orlando's official website is that the attraction is about mature themes, including, it contains scary images and some intense sound effects, as well as, it may include pyrotechnics or shooting scenes. However, it makes no mention of age.

Is there an accessibility concern at The Bourne Stuntacular?

In the ride from the The Bourne Stuntacular, there is concern for the well-being of all visitors. Therefore, there is accessibility not only in terms of locomotion, as it allows the entry of a wheelchair, as well as for the hearing impaired, as it has Closed Caption.

Are there safety protocols within The Bourne Stuntacular?

Security protocols are in place at any and all enclosed locations within the parks in Orlando, including the The Bourne Stuntacular. Even though the pandemic is under control, such measures remain a priority within the complex.

Get ready, then, for the use of face masks, in addition to other measures such as:

  • reduced groups;
  • constant cleaning;
  • sanitizing each session with gel alcohol.

Staff are always attentive and don't let groups gather for long periods of time, so it's good to be quick with photos. After all, they will come to dispense with the training wheels.

Such measures are necessary and bring a sense of security, because it is a place with a large circulation of people, including from all over the world. Finally, prevention is always important.

What are the attractions inside The Bourne Stuntacular?

The The Bourne Stuntacular it has the best of immersion, that is, the visitor feels inside the film. It is not an exaggeration to say that, especially when you realize that you are literally inside a park that is also a movie studio.

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They know how to get the best out of screens and bring it to the parks with perfection and richness of detail. By the way, a proof of this, are the rich scenarios of Harry Potter in Hogsmeade and its attractions.

The same thing happens now with the The Bourne Stuntacular, it has a structure that is made to shows and with the latest technology. As well, with automated systems and to complete the same vehicles used in the movies.

Upon entering the attraction, the visitor is first greeted by a film, which offers an idea of what will happen. Soon after, the audience goes to the mission headquarters and finds Nicky

Parsons, who in the film is a friend of the protagonist. 

She warns tourists that she needs help to make sure her friend isn't being scammed. Finally, everyone joins in an exciting journey across three continents, they are:

  • Cities of Tangier – Morocco;
  • Washington DC – United States;
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

It's fun from beginning to end, with a lot of adrenaline and adventure, especially for those who like action movies and, of course, are fans of the saga.

Special effects

The special effects hold attention, mainly because they are done in front of the visitor. Something you are used to seeing only on the television screen, so even those who are not fans of the film are amazed at such perfection.

Finally, the effects are diverse, fire and smoke mix with water, but it's all very fast and dynamic, not least because it's an action and adventure scene.

Building where The Bourne Stuntacular works at Universal
The Bourne Stuntacular has a facade that catches the eye right at the entrance to the park. Image by Attractions Magazine Staff


The acrobatics of the The Bourne Stuntacular It's a show on its own, because the chance to see stunt actors a hand's breadth away is really magical, even more so with all those techniques.

The attraction brings together the best people in the area, which gives it a fantastic level of acrobatics. According to interviews, the artists trained for more than eight months to perform at the Orlando park.

Lastly, in addition to the stunts for the Universal Studios show, they also replicate those from the Hollywood blockbuster movie.

automated systems

There are several techniques in the attraction, among them are the automated vehicle tracking systems. They are used in moving scenarios, which offers a greater sense of reality when acting with the actors.

In addition to security, The Bourne Stuntacular stands out for being an immersive attraction, so it has very accurate projection mapping and very vivid visuals.

Is The Bourne Stuntacular worth seeing?

The The Bourne Stuntmacular It is a very worthwhile attraction, even if there is a queue. That's because, in addition to being new, it mixes what studios know how to do best, mixing the magic of cinema with the fun of parks in Orlando.

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