Eat Cheap at Disney
Eat Cheap at Disney

Disney is synonymous with travel, the United States, hamburgers and a lot of money spent on food. But would it be possible to eat cheap at Disney parks in 2020/2021? 

Existe alguma forma de se alimentar um pouco melhor sem precisar gastar todas as economias ? Já adiantando para sua felicidade, sim,  é possível!

Nessa postagem daremos uma série de sugestões e dicas para você saber o que comer na Disney e onde comer para ter uma boa alimentação e poupar o seu bolso!

Para ficar ainda melhor faremos uma série de divisões para que vocês tenham dicas reais de onde comer barato no Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios e Animal Kingdom.

Nessa postagem focaremos nos parques da Disney, caso queiram saber dicas assim para os parques da Universal studios ou Sea World, nos indiquem nos comentários!

Travel to Disney is on the dream list from kids to adults and why not say seniors?

Afinal, diversão não tem idade e uma coisa é certa a disney fica exatamente onde os sonhos se realizam!

In that sense, we created this text to make your dream come true to visit all the parks of this amazing place even more feasible.

It is very common for us to travel to the United States and we return from there stuffed with hamburgers, chips and liters of soda.

Remembering that anything is possible when traveling at this level, the keyword is planning!

Remember, if you need more advice from you and your group, make your request for Custom script with us.

Not that certain pleasures aren't good, especially on such a "festive" date. But here we will include several options for you to eat cheap that go far beyond the practical old hamburger.

Where to Eat at Disney in 2020/2021 Spending Little?

To make it even easier to locate, let's divide the places you can find these foods by Disney parks.

That way you'll know exactly what and where to look after a roller coaster adventure!

Where to eat at Magic Kingdom 2020/2021 Spending little

Being one of the most famous Disney parks in the whole, the food found here could not be left out either.

Even there you can find from typical hamburgers to couscous.

Yes, there is couscous in the United States, as unlikely as it sounds.

Eating cheap at Magic Kingdom is not easy, but it is something you can do (if your Disney travel budget is relatively tight).

Come on!

What are the options for cheap eating at Magic Kingdom?

Unlike Epcot (which has the World & #8217; s Showcase and therefore restaurants from around the world), Magic Kingdom does not specialize in regional foods.

However, it has a very interesting variety of dishes for all ages and tastes. Check out:

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Have you ever imagined eating in a saloon in the Old West? If so, this may be your great opportunity to realize this dream.

The Pecos Bill Talle Tale Inn and Cafe is all decorated in the Wild West theme and offers some really cool dishes on their menu.

An interesting option is the cheeseburger made from angus beef (the meat is about 150 grams). The hamburger is grilled on the grill and has melted American cheese on top (besides being served with a portion of tortilla chips as an accompaniment). The price is $ $12.99.

An interesting option for vegetarians is the Southwest Style Salad (made from a mix of green leaves with bean, tomato and tortilla salsa, and roasted corn). The value is $ $10.99.

For the kids they have the vegetarian rice bowl ($ $7.19), the cheeseburger ($ $7.69) and other options.

Tomorrowland terrace

Um dos meus lugares favoritos no Magic kingdom (e talvez de todos os Disney parks) is Tomorrowland. I love the futuristic theme of this part of the park and must be one of the few who enjoyed the movie as George Clooney.

There is a really nice restaurant called Tomorrowland Terrace, with tasty options for your lunch. For example the chicken wings salad, which costs $ $10.99.

For vegetarians, they have a really cool option: vegetarian cheeseburger, made with vegetarian burger, aioli sauce with vegan barbecue, vegan cheddar cheese and onion strips. The price is from $ $12.99.

Columbia Harbor House

Located on Liberty Square, this restaurant is perhaps best suited for those who go to the Magic Kingdom and want to eat cheap for lunch or dinner.

On my first visit, I was surprised by the sound of the bell that an attendant is ringing to attract visitors and leaves very satisfied. Now whenever I go to Magic Kingdom I try to have lunch or dinner there.

The variety of dishes is huge, serving from chicken to seafood, with sandwich options as well. I like the grilled salmon ($ $1.99), which comes served with rice and vegetables. My wife usually orders the Harbor Chicken Salad ($ $11.99), which comes with chicken accompanied by a mix of green leaves, tomato, bacon, egg, melon, onion and cucumber. There is also the option to order only the salad or accompanied with shrimp and without the chicken.

For the kids, they serve chicken breast nuggets (8 units for $ $9.99 in total) and macaroni and cheese ($ $6.99).

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café (Tomorrowland):

Well, this is a place you'll find everything from a platter of roasted and shredded pork to chicken breast nuggets.

Even salads for those people who don't want to go off the diet even at Disney.

Although it is not entirely prudent, but on vacation it is possible to forget a little bit the diet.

So let's talk about values now (all in dollars):

Beef Hot Dog by $9,49;

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café Menu

Greek Salad with Chicken $11,99;

Smuckers® Uncrustables® Sandwich $6,29;

Miscellaneous soft drinks $3,29, among several other options in the precinho.

There are even varied options for lunch and dinner, and variations for children.

Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland)

This Pinocchio-themed place is a great place to order pizza. Alias, nothing more appropriate, given that the story is set in Italy.

See in our Instagram Stories, nós comemos por lá! Esta no Stories salvo Magic Kingdom 2.

However, do not limit yourself to just pizzas, despite being the most ordered.

Some examples of its varied menu are:

French fries $2,99;

Chicken sandwich $9,49;

For Those Who Really Don't Want To Go A Caesar Salad with Chicken $8,99;

and of course their pizzas of various flavors varying in the bargain of $8.79 to $9.99.

Not forgetting the desserts that cost the most $5 and range from Gelatos (ice cream) to delicious Chocolate Cakes!

Pinocchio Village Haus - Departed Disney Parks

Here you can see the full menu.

What are the alternatives to a cheap dessert at Magic Kingdom?

The options above are those for those who want to eat cheap at Magic Kingdom. But what if you want to complement the meal with a sweetie? Can you do it economically?

We have listed some desserts in the same restaurants as above, so you can save time and money on your lunch. Look:

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

The Old West is a tough, violent and dangerous place. But there is room for dessert there!

One option is Dannon Greek yogurt, which costs $ $3.19 a unit, but the traditional option of the house is chocolate syrup mini-donuts, worth $ $5.89.

Tomorrowland terrace

Here is also Dannon Greek Yogurt, priced at $ $3.19. But the house brownie (called Rocky Road) is my favorite pick: $ $4.79. On hot days, I usually order a strawberry lemonade scratchcard ($ $5.99), while in winter it is best to order hot tea ($ $3.29) or hot chocolate ($3.29).

Columbia Harbor House

Here we have some options. The first and most common is (guess what!) Greek yogurt Dannon (served in other restaurants too, priced at $ $3.19).

For those who want something sweeter, I recommend the Boston Cream Pie: it is a yellow cake with cream filling and chocolate icing. It costs $4.29 dollars a piece.

How much will you spend to eat at Magic Kingdom?

Okay, let's do the math. Considering all the values we cited, how much does it cost to eat cheap at Magic Kingdom?

Consider a young couple spending their Disney vacation or honeymoon. A simple lunch (a salad with chicken wings and vegetarian cheeseburger on Tomorrowland Terrace) could cost $ $23.98 ($ $11.99 per head). If you add two dessert brownies, it gets $3.56 ($16.78 per head).

That is: about half what each would spend on a meal at Cinderella's Royal Table. It's good for those who want to save money, isn't it?

If you really want to eat cheap at Magic Kingdom, plan ahead and check out the park's restaurant menus on the Disney website. Do the math and save your money in advance.

Where to eat cheap at Animal Kingdom in 2020 / 2021


At Restaurantosaurus you will not only eat, but also have a small paleontology class. This will give you a much more fun meal.

Your options are so diverse that vegetarians can find bean burgers! Can you believe?

Well, let's get to the values, right?

Cheeseburger and bacon combo $13,29

We ate this for breakfast the day we went from Animal Kingdom.

But the Hamburger left a little to be desired, as did the vast majority of other park hamburgers.

Roasted Chicken Green Leaf Mix Salad $10,79;

Chips with spicy cheese $5,49;

Turkey wrap $9,29;

Assorted drink with souvenir mug $7,99 (still carries a Disney collector's item);

Black Bean Burger $12,49;

Here you can see the Full Menu.

Satu'li Canteen ** Recommended!

Have you ever imagined eating in a kitchen all inspired by the movie Avatar, well, at Satu'li Canteen you can.

Besides the theme of the restaurant is very cool, this restaurant has really good food. After all, it is a slightly different proposition from other restaurants in the park.

Here you choose your protein, accompany it and set up your plate, and besides, the food is really good.

Além disso, é um dos poucos restaurantes de parque onde você come com garfo e faca de metal. Diferente daqueles de plástico que não servem pra cortar nem uma batata frita

There are several dishes inspired by the abundance of Pandora, extraterrestrial moon where the movie takes place.

Some of the options you will find here are:

Combination Bowl: Grilled Beef and Chicken $15,99;

Sustainable Fish Bowl $12.99;

Steamed Bagel with Curried Vegetables - Bao Buns $10,99;

Bowl of Chili Crispy Fried Tofu $7,49;

Teylu Bulk Rolled Beef Hot Dog 100% $6,79.

Also, there are also very interesting dessert options: Cream Cheese and Blueberry Mousse $5,29;

Miscellaneous soft drinks $3,29.

Satu'li Canteen Menu Departed Disney Parks

You can see that eating in this place is a real trip!

By the way, here on the blog we talk a little more detail about whether eat cheap for lunch at Animal Kingdom in 2020

Here you can see the full menu!

Where to Eat at Epcot Spending Little on 2020 / 2021

Comer barato no  Epcot It can be a big challenge if you are not prepared. As is the largest of Disney parks, Epcot is the most visited and most famous of them.

Because of this, there are some restaurants that are very popular. This fame slightly inflates the price of dishes in these places and because of this, your budget may be a little compromised if you go to lunch in the park, especially if you already go there earning little.

But Epcot's “problem” is also its main advantage: as it is Disney's largest park, it has a huge variety of restaurants and eating options. With a little patience and planning, you can eat in the park within your budget.

How? This is what we will find out next!

What are the options for cheap eating at Epcot?

Let's start with a little disclaimer: Try as we might, having lunch at Disney is never "cheap", right? There are factors beyond our control that make the dishes more expensive, such as the convenience of being located within the parks, the beautiful decor, the quality of the food and the dollar price.

If you want to have a cheap lunch, spending as little as possible, you have to follow the tips we will post soon. Stay tuned for upcoming blog articles!

But considering all this, there are options to have a quality meal for you and your family at a reasonable price within Epcot.

As you probably already know, the Epcot stands out for having the famous World's Showcase, which brings together monuments and restaurants from different countries around the world. This means a plethora of options, some very affordable. For example:

Tutto Gusto Winery

Where to have lunch at epcot

Specializing in Italian food, this restaurant stands out for dishes serving two or more people. The most expensive option is La Siciliana (a Fior di Latte mozzarella board, salami and a caponata salad), which costs $ $27 and serves two people (in practice, $ $13,50 each).

Another very economical option in the restaurant is the paninis. There are several options, from parma ham to Muçarela Fior di Latte (all come with Caesar salad). Snacks are served in two or three options, which cost $ $12 or $ $16 respectively.

Katsura Grill

Where to have lunch at epcot

Do you like Japanese food? Then you will visit the Katsura Grill a lot. Located in the Japan Pavilion at the World Showcase, the restaurant has one of Epcot's most economical menus (and very delicious food!).

They serve a little of everything: sushi (with portions ranging from $ $9 to $ $12), rice ($ $2) and miso ($ $3). The best dish, however, is teriyaki, which can be shrimp and chicken or shrimp and meat, accompanied by a salad, cookie and juice, milk or soda, for $ $9.

Electric umbrella

Where to have lunch at epcot

Within Future World, one of the most interesting eating options is the Eletric Umbrella restaurant, which specializes in snacks.

For vegetarians, he has a very interesting and economical option: Veggi Naan-wich, made with Naan bread, broccoli salad, edamame and tofu, accompanied by a portion of french fries ($9,99 dollars).

Another option, this time for those who prefer meat, is the combo of 8 pieces of chicken nuggets with a portion of french fries ($ $9.49).

This is a restaurant that has many classic options that can be quickly appreciated.

After all, Disney's big attraction is not in its restaurants (although Satu'li Canteen proves to be a separate adventure), but in toys, right?

There you will find the following dishes:

Shredded Roast Pork Burger with Cuban Mojo Sauce $12,99;

Flat bread three cheeses $10,49;

Beef Brisket Sandwich $10,99.

Still serving those who don't want to go off the diet but don't want to give up dessert:

Sugar Free Brownie $4,29.

And assorted drinks like sodas $3,29.

Electric Umbrella Menu - Departed Disney Parks

If this isn't serving all audiences, I don't know what it is!

Lotus Blossom Café (China - World Showcase)

In addition to hamburgers and even China.

For those true lovers of oriental, more specifically Chinese cuisine, Lotus Blossom Café is a must for anyone at Epcot!

There you will try: Chicken in Orange Sauce $9,99;

Soup Bowl with Noodles and Meat $9,99;

Fried Rice with Shrimp and Spring Roll $9,99;

Hong Kong Style Curried Chicken with Vegetables over Rice $11,95;

Spring Rolls and Strings $7,95.

Now for some desserts you would never expect Caramelized ginger ice cream $3,50 and Lychee Ice Cream $3,50.

To drink the values range from $1.99 and $4.65.

Lotus Blossom Cafe Departed Disney Parks

Even for those who have never tried Chinese food, this is a great opportunity to sample these exotic and unique dishes.

For adults, they can even count on alcohol options ranging from $4.99 to $6.25.

What are the alternatives to a cheap dessert in the park?

Ok, we've seen that you can eat well and spend little for lunch at Epcot. But what if you want a delicious dessert before you return to the park attractions? Is there an economical solution or will you spend everything you saved on the main course?

Yes there is! And to make your life easier, we listed some dessert options in the same restaurants we mentioned before. That way you don't have to go to and fro, wasting time chasing a sweetie.

Check out:

Tutto Gusto Winery

Where to have lunch at epcot

All desserts in this restaurant are served in Dolci format, in small dessert cups, ideal for individual portions.

The options are amazing! My favorite is Nutella chocolate cake ($ $4), but Nath prefers vanilla Panna cotta (also $ $4).

For the same price, there are the options of Mocha tiramisu, caramel chocolate and Cannoli. They are all delicious!

Katsura Grill

Where to have lunch at epcot

In the teriyaki combo, an American-style cookie is served (despite being a Japanese restaurant). Normally enough for dessert, but the restaurant still has some interesting options.

One of them is matcha ice cream ($ $4) and Matcha Roll (a rolled matcha muffin, $ $4.50). I confess I was a little afraid before tasting it for the first time, but I loved the ice cream as much as the muffin. The taste is the same as green tea, a little soft and bitter at the same time.

Electric umbrella

Being a typical American diner, the Electric Umbrella could not be left out of our selection of delicious desserts.

The healthiest options include the mixed fruit salad bowl ($ $3.99) and the unsweetened brownie ($ $4.29). Those who prefer chocolate have the house cupcake ($ $4.99) and something called Cookie Chocolate Overload ($ $3.29). Needless to say, this is my favorite, right?

How much will you spend eating at Epcot?

Considering these figures, how much will you spend to eat cheap at Epcot? The answer will depend on your choices and how many people will eat with you, of course.

For example, consider a honeymoon young couple at Disney. A lunch at Epcot could cost $ $18 both (he with chicken teriyaki and she sushi), with another $ $8 dessert (two matcha ice cream). In total $ $26 (or $ 13 per head).

To give you an idea, just one soup at Monsieur Paul, World's Showcase's most upscale restaurant, is $ $29. Expensive, right?

If it is with children, the value may change slightly, but most of the restaurants mentioned have a specific menu for children.

What I recommend if you want to eat cheap for lunch at Epcot is to plan your meals in advance. Of course it is boring to decide what to eat days and days before you get there, but so you better control your finances. You can consult the menus online also!

Of course we couldn't leave the most famous adult park off the list.

See where you can eat cheap in this amazing place.

Including. variety and good prices are not lacking at Disney.

With these valuable tips for eating well and cheaply, you can make your dream of visiting this magical kingdom of fun even more feasible!

Eat Spending Little at Disney´s Hollywood Studios

Eat cheap Hollywood Studios It is one of the goals of just about any Disney tourist. After all, we know that spending on food is one of the biggest on a travel budget.

If you already going to Disney earning littleIt can be difficult to fit a park eating plan into your budget. However, difficult is not impossible. Especially if you read our blog..

With a little experience, planning and flexibility, you can eat cheap at Hollywood Studios and get well-fed from every meal.

How? This is what we will find out next!

What are the options for cheap lunch at Hollywood Studios?

You already know how to have lunch at Disney, no matter how hard you try, it's never cheap & #8221; really. The most economical food option on your trip is another, as we said before.

However, are you on vacation. It's a fun trip, not a business commitment. So you can go for something a little more convenient and choose a restaurant where you don't have to cook and everything.

With that in mind, we've selected 3 good and cheap restaurants at Hollywood Studios:

Dockside Diner

Located on Echo Lake, this restaurant specializes in fast food. Their snacks are very tasty, but one may be a little too much for those with a weak stomach. And not recommended for vegetarians and vegans, of course.

The option I recommend is the shredded pork barbecue sandwich. It costs $ $10.99 and comes with a salad of chips and chips. It is very tasty.

Another excellent option is 30cm Hot Dog 100% beef, with chili and cheese. It is the main dish of the house and comes with snacks as well. The monster is so big that in my experience it serves two people (it's like a 30cm Subway sandwich). It costs $ $12.99.

For children, they serve a pasta with cheese with side dishes to choose from. It costs $6.49 dollars.

ABC Commissioner

If you are vegan or vegetarian and got upset because they didn't have a choice for you in the previous restaurant, let's change that.

ABC Commissary on Commissionary Lane is not a vegetarian restaurant, but it does have a choice of dishes for this audience.

The first is the Vegan Burger, served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, vegan mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and brioche bread, plus a portion of french fries to go with it. The price is $ $12.99.

Another alternative is Mediterranean saladwhich costs $ $9.99.

The menu also has some burger options (it has a cheeseburger of about 150 grams of angus beef, with bacon and kaiser bread for $ $11.99).

For those who like American ribs, have the option of Rib Barbecue Platterwhich costs $ $18.29 but serves two people quietly (they are accompanied by french fries and coleslaw).

For kids, choices of chicken sticks ($ $7.39), cheeseburger ($ $7.19) and macaroni and cheese ($ $6.99).


PizzeRizzo Hollywood Studios

I couldn't close the list without one of my favorites: PizzeRizzo. It is a relatively new restaurant, built in place of the former Pizza Planet. The old theme was from Toy Story, but this new one is from The Muppets.

The idea is more or less like what a New York pizzeria would look like if it were run by the Muppets. It's curious but a lot of fun.

At pizzas are individual and each cost about $ 10. They are very cheap and not very elaborate dishes, but they are delicious after a long day of sightseeing (or in the middle of such a day).

My favorite is meat (sausage and peperoni), but there is cheese and even vegetarian on the menu.

For children, there is a chicken mini sandwich ($ $7.19), cheese pizza ($ $6.99), and macaroni and cheese ($ $6.49).

What are the alternatives to a cheap dessert in the park?

Going to Disney is a vacation trip. So it does not make much sense to eat at Hollywood Studios, but make yourself want or make a lot of sacrifices.

So, how about a good dessert to sweeten the day? After all, you deserve it.

Let's look at the cheap options and in the same restaurants mentioned before (for convenience). Check out:

Dockside Diner

As a typical American diner, desserts would also have to be in the same style, right?

So there are two dessert options: Brownie S & mores (double chocolate with marshmallows and graham crackers) for $ $4.79 and the chocolate, vanilla or themed milkshake of the season. They cost $5.49 each.

ABC Commissary

ABC Commissary has some cool dessert options for those who want to eat cheap at Hollywood Studios.

One option is the S & #8217; more Cookie, a very large cookie entitled to marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker. It costs $5,29 dollars.

Another option is raspberry mousse, which costs $ $4.99.


I said PizzeRizzo is one of my favorite places to eat at Hollywood Studios, isn't it? Well, part of it is because of their pizza. The other part is by Tiramisù.

This sweet (some places in Brazil call pave) is a delight and costs $ $4.59 a unit. It's individual and so good you won't want to share it with anyone!

Another dessert option is Cannoli for $ $4.99.

How much will you spend to eat cheap at Hollywood Studios?

Ok, considering everything we've seen here, how much would a cheap meal at one of the restaurants cite cost?

Imagine we're talking about a honeymoon couple spending a few days at Disney.

If they want to insure the money, they can order the 30-inch Dockside Diner Hot Dog with a dessert brownie. It would go out $ $17.78, the equivalent of $ $8.89 per person.

Now let's suppose you want some more food. Two individual pizzas at PizzeRizzo, with one Tiramisù for each dessert. It would be $ $29.18 in total, less than $ $15 per person.

That is: it is possible to spend reasonably little on some meals in the Disney parks.

Just knowing how to eat cheap at Hollywood Studios, for example. A good idea is to consult the park's online menus. So, what did you think of our suggestions? Comment below!

É possível comer barato fora da Disney?

Na realidade é inclusive muito mais fácil! Os Estados Unidos são conhecidos pela enorme quantidade de fast foods. Alguns são bons, outros nem tanto, de qualquer forma é possivel economizar bastante comendo em alguns.

Tirando os clássicos McDonalds, Burger King, KFX entre outros, existem também outras opções maravilhosas como Culver´s and Shake shake.

Não iremos nos estender muito nessa lista pois foge do foco dessa postagem. Caso queiram uma lista de locais baratos para se comer fora dos parques, deixem para nós nos comentários para sabermos se tem interesse!

Summary on Cheap Eating at Disney

We tried in this post to bring a few different eating options out of all the traditional options.

The amount of food options within the parks is immense. Thus we seek to bring direct solutions to what they are looking for!

Obviously some are well known, but it's hard not to mention them in a post like this about how where to eat cheap in disney.

Get ready for some adventure in the parks, always trying to keep a full belly and a less empty pocket.

Mickey eating cheap

Tell us here in the comments if this post helped you choose some restaurant to eat cheaper in disney parks!

Não deixe também de conhecer nossas outras postagens sobre alimentação na Disney