Discover the World's Largest McDonalds

Where it is?

This Giant McDonald's is in Orlando, Florida! It's one of 88 units found there, but other than that, it's the biggest unit in the entire world!


This giant Mc'Donalds is at the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Rd. Address: 9814 International Dr

What is the Biggest McDonalds in the World?

Check out some images of what the atmosphere is like at this giant 2-story McDonald's in Orlando

What to eat there?

Naturally, there you can find traditional sandwiches such as Big Mac, McChicken, etc. In addition to McCafé, which serves Muffins, Coffee and Croissants.

Pizza at McDonalds?

That's right! At this McDonalds you can also eat pizza for only $8.99

Second floor

The second floor of this McDonalds doesn't have tables as we are usually used to, but an Arcade full of Games for you to pass the time while you eat!

On top of all that, the newly renovated largest McDonalds in the world is very beautiful on the outside too!