How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Disney?

by Carlos Braga

Disney World is located in Orlando and is one of the most sought after destinations by tourists from all over the world.

We'll talk briefly about some of the biggest expenses on a Disney trip.  If you want to see the full post, click the button below.


It's the first big expense of your trip. It can vary from $600 dollars to $20 thousand dollars depending on the class you wish to travel.

Buying with miles or buying at promotional times like Black Friday can help lower this and other costs.


Another big expense on your trip! Look for good hotels that fit your budget, prices can range from $30 to $2000 USD per day.  Choose the best hotel option for you: 

Disney hotels are often priced higher than some other hotels in the City. But they offer several additional benefits in your hosting too!

Plan ahead so you don't spend too much money on one stage and have to give up on another. Follow us on instagram for lots of travel tips! 

Without a doubt one of the biggest expenses of your trip. Knowing which types of tickets to buy is very important to avoid overspending! Values can reach up to more than $100 dollars per day and per person.


Buy tickets from reliable places and guarantee discounted packages, buying single tickets or at the box office will be more expensive.


Perhaps the most underrated cost of a trip to Disney. If poorly planned, it can be the main villain of your trip. The cost here can range from $20 USD per day up to $500 USD per day.


There are several other costs related to a trip to Orlando. Mainly variable costs such as Gasoline, Toll, Parking, Car Rental, Cell Phone Chip and etc.

Planning is essential to ensure a smooth trip and within your budget. Check out our full post on how much it costs to travel to Orlando and follow our social media for more tips and information!