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Drinking Around the World at Epcot

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Drinks from around the World


Drinking Around the World is not an official Epcot or Disney event, but a tour created by visitors. So you can take this tour on any visit to Epcot!

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How to make 

Drinking Around the World is a very easy event to do. At least in theory. Basically you will stop at all the world showcase pavilions at epcot and taste a typical drink from each of these countries. Of course, don't forget to stay hydrated at all times, don't overdo it and remember to eat plenty during your tour.

Do not drink and drive


Mexico Pavilion

At the mexico pavilion you can taste a margarita, a typical and delicious drink that contains tequila!

Shot, shot shot...

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Germany Pavilion

For those who like a beer, the Germany pavilion offers the perfect option. Take the opportunity to eat a German sausage as a snack too!

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Miscellaneous Drinks

Various Pavilions

In different pavilions such as Italy, Norway, China, among others, you can taste typical drinks from each country. Choose your favorite flavors and share your drinks!

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