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Epcot's Best Rides and Attractions 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

This attraction will debut in May 2022 at epcot and has everything to be the best attraction in the park. It's a super technological roller coaster with the theme of Guardians of the Galaxy


Inspired by the Disney animation Ratatouille, which tells the story of Remy, a little mouse who dreams of becoming a chef and lives in Auguste Gusteau's restaurant. Here, you'll feel the size of Remy and they'll live an incredible and hectic experience, running for a safe place in the kitchen of the Parisian restaurant while being chased.


Soarin is an incredible simulator of a hang gliding trip through incredible places in the world. You will fly through the Great Wall of China, through natural beauties such as the Iguazu Falls or even soaring over incredible places such as the Port of Sydney, Australia.

Frozen Ever After

From the lake docks you will settle into your seat, step into the frozen forest and feel the chill of the Frozen world. Meet the princesses, Olaf, Kristoff's family and all the characters in this enchanted world!

Test track

To date, it is the fastest-moving attraction at Walt Disney World! The track has challenging curves and paths for your best experience, in addition the weather conditions can be changed so that all sensations are felt.

Mission: Space

In this simulator you can travel to space! The simulators are inspired by those used at NASA, and provide an experience very similar to real travel, even with changes in gravity.

Spaceship Earth

This attraction takes place inside the famous ball found at the entrance to the park. On Spaceship Earth you will be transported to a journey through time guiding the history of communication from prehistory to the newest digital technologies.

Journey into imagination with Figment

Your five senses will be tested in this sensory lab, Dr Channing and a playful dragon will be your guides in this fun experience.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a high-tech ride with characters from the cartoon Finding Nemo. The tour ends from The Seas, where the exhibits, Turtle Talk with Crush and viewing platforms for the main aquarium are located.