Animal Kingdom's Best Rides & Attractions 

Everest Expedition

The Yeti's Forbidden Mountain is large even from a distance. And it's not just that she's big that makes her amazing, everything about her is sensational, from her queue to the speed of the roller coaster!

Flight of Passage Avatar

A simulator where you will be transformed into an avatar and fly on your Banshee. The attraction is incredible and extremely realistic. My favorite attraction in all of Disney World!

Festival of the Lion King

The Lion King Festival is a spectacular Lion King musical show. The show is full of acrobatics, dances and singing and lasts 30 minutes. Definitely a show for the whole family!


The attraction is themed after the Disney movie "Dinosaur". It's a trip into the past in search of Aladar. The ride rocks a lot and can be very scary for children as it is very dark and with many carnivorous dinosaurs!

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is a truly unique tour: a winding ride through the landscapes of Africa with many real animals along the way. The chance to walk among the animals in their natural habitats is not to be missed.

It's Tough To Be A Bug.

An amazing attraction for the whole family, it is located on Discovery Island right under the tree of life. It's a 3D show featuring Flick, the main character from the movie It's Tough to be a Bug.

Tree of Life Awakenings

Disney's iconic Animal Kingdom park symbol (The Tree of Life) comes to life in this hypnotic after-dark experience, accompanied by an original soundtrack inspired by the Lion King.

Na'vi River Journey

This is the second attraction that is on Pandora, the Avatar area. Unlike Flight of Passage, it's not a super amazing attraction in terms of emotion but it has cool things to see from the avatar world!

Finding Nemo – The Musical

Nemo's musical is a really cool attraction for the whole family. The play tells the story of the film in a very surprising way. Pay attention to show times.