Uber in Orlando
Uber in Orlando

Uma das questões que você provavelmente terá que considerar ao planejar sua viagem para Orlando é a escolha de sua locomoção e se vale a pena andar somente de uber em orlando

Public transport can be an obstacle, because in addition to this service leaving something to be desired, choosing it means having to walk a little further, in addition to having at least a knowledge of the basics to the intermediate in English, in order to not have communication problems during the use of this transport. 

It is possible to state that until recently, the car rental it was more than an option, it was almost a must for transportation in Orlando. There are taxi services in the city, but if you want to stroll a lot, this option can make your trip very expensive. 

We can also consider the transfer service that many hotels offer for the parks, but still, the freedom to come and go wherever you want when renting a car, does not compare to any of these options.

But what has changed in transportation options in Orlando? The answer is basically the same as in Brazil: the popularity of Uber.

If you have questions about how to use Uber in Orlando, this article is for you. In it you will understand how Uber works at Disney, as well as the differences between the services offered in Orlando and in Brazil in relation to the use of the application.

Even so, many people still do not use transport by application in Brazil, either because they live in a small town that does not offer the service, or because of a lack of need.

Então, antes de explicar sobre o uso do Uber em Orlando, vamos a uma explanação rápida sobre esse serviço para os passageiros de primeira viag em.


Basic Information About Uber

Uber is an application that you download on your cell phone and with it you can request drivers accredited by the company. It's like a taxi, but that you request for an application. Uber is already present in more than 60 countries and in Brazil the company has been operating since 2014. 

The main difference between Uber and taxi is the cost, which is almost always more affordable.

Uber in Orlando

Even though it is cheaper than the taxi, it is good to be attentive to the services, as the price may vary according to the type of Uber selected. Check out the options offered by the company to order your Uber in Orlando. 

UBERX - It is the most affordable travel of the company for up to 4 passengers;

UBERCONFORT - It is an option with newer and more spacious cars to stretch your legs;

UBERXL - For trips also on account, destined to groups larger of up to 6 passengers;

UBERX + Infant Car Seat - It is the same UBERX, with the option of a child seat for younger children;

UBERXL + Infant Car Seat - UBERXL for up to 6 people equipped with a child seat;

UBERSELECT - For trips with higher cost in selected cars like BMW and Mercedes;

UBERSELECTXL - Same option as UBERBLACK, but with wider trunk;

UBERBLACK - For executive trips in selected cars, at a higher cost;

UBER BLACK CAR SEAT - Selected luxury cars equipped with child seats;

SUV + Child Seat - Luxury cars for up to 6 people, with child seat.

How to use Uber in Orlando

The App is the same as in Brazil, but to use Uber in Orlando it can be interesting to acquire a cell phone chip with a number from the United States. This is not mandatory, but it can make it easier not only on your trip to Orlando but also for using the Uber service in Orlando.

You can arrive in the USA and download it again on your device, just to configure map and location updates. For that, you just need to be in a place with internet access. The application is automated and you will certainly not have any major problems in this regard. After this process you can use the application normally.

However, if you use another chip on your phone while traveling, as it usually does when traveling to Orlando, you may experience problems using the Uber service. For example, if you need to call the driver, the call will not be made. This is because the registration number in the app and the cell phone number must be the same.

In order to avoid problems in this regard, you will need to change your cell phone number in the Uber registration. Therefore, it is worth buying an American chip, downloading the Uber app and registering with the new number.

Internet Access for Uber in Orlando

To order a Uber in Orlando you will need to have a good internet, and as we have seen, it is not at all interesting to use your chip from Brazil on a trip to Orlando. But, for that there is also a good solution: to acquire your international chip with unlimited access here in Brazil. 

A empresa que recomendamos é a Viaje Conectado e pra melhorar, damos um super desconto para todos nossos leitores. Basta inserir o discount coupon "PARTIUDISNEYPARKS quando for efetuar a compra aqui no official site.

Uber payment in Orlando

The credit card you will register in the application can be the same used in Brazil, as long as it allows purchases abroad. The IOF of 6,38% will always be charged on top of the purchase price, but you have options for not having that extra cost.

In the U.S., Uber doesn't accept cash, but there's Gift Card, that works like a prepaid card. They are sold in supermarkets, pharmacies and shopping malls, especially in the Walmart chain.

As Uber Gift Card you can load values into the app. You add the value of the card to your balance and the runs will be deducted from it instead of the credit card. It is worth remembering that this amount will only be debited in races held in the United States, and cannot be used in races in Brazil.

UBER at Orlando Airport

Until recently, only cars in the Uber Premium category could answer calls at Orlando International Airport. Fortunately the other cars in the app are now allowed, making this trip even cheaper.

To order your Uber in Orlando when you are at the airport, go to the level 1 floor, the same as car rental. Go in the opposite direction of the waiting sidewalk (behind the rental counters). 

The location is the Express Pickup Tunnel, a space where Uber drivers can board passengers. This space has been changed, as it was previously accessed by level 2, so it is worth paying attention to this location at the time of your trip to Orlando, confirming as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Uber at Orlando Parks

Ordering an Uber to the parks is not a difficult task on your trip to Orlando. However, it is important to pay attention to some details.

Values and waiting times may vary according to demand, exactly as it happens in Brazil. The main peak hours are from 8 am to 10 am, and from 9 pm to 10:30 pm, in general. 

Uber pick-up and drop-off locations in parks can also vary. 

At the Magic kingdom, for example location is at the Ticket & Transportation Center, or TTC, right at the entrance to the park. From there you board the Monorail and besides going to the Magic Kingdom you can also go to Epcot. In fact, the Uber stopping point at Epcot has already been changed a few times. In order not to have any surprises it can be interesting to go to the TTC and from there go to Epcot by monorail. 

In all other parks, find out by asking where is the drop-off location, the pick-up location at the park, and the local pickup location to order Uber at the park. Parks usually have these locations within easy reach.

Uber at Universal's parks stop in the parking lot, the location of Universal's Drop-off. From there, you will take a treadmill to the Citywalk. But, for Uber's trips to Universal's parks, it is good to be aware of some recent changes.

There is a US$4 fee for those who request Uber from Citywalk parks. This fee has been charged since October 2019. Anyone requesting the service from Universal hotels or those arriving at the parks, there is no increase in the value of Uber.

Other Transportation Apps in the USA

Uber's main competitor in Orlando is the Lyft, which is generally a little more expensive. Anyway, it is worth downloading this application. At some busy times, you can compare prices and the waiting time for a second option.

But after all, is it worth using Uber in Orlando?

It depends on a number of factors, but in general it is worth it. What you should evaluate are the most advantageous points for you and for the type of trip to Orlando you will be doing. Some factors to consider are:

Uber cost in Orlando - On a group trip with friends, sharing Uber is much more financially advantageous than renting a car.

Distance you will travel - If you plan to travel only to nearby places, Uber is the most affordable option. But, if you plan to go to Cape Canaveral, Busch Garden or other nearby cities, perhaps renting a car is a more interesting choice, both for the cost and for the convenience and freedom.

Family trip with children - There are not always car options with car seats available and you may have to wait a long time until this option is available. With younger children, renting a car can guarantee convenience and time savings.

Important tips for using Uber in Orlando

Keep your rating high - Drivers can be resistant when handling passengers below 4.5 in the classification. To avoid this, evaluate the driver right after using the service. In the USA it is very common to tip and Uber in Orlando offers this option right after the trip ends. It is not mandatory, but be aware that tipping, especially when you have bags and the driver helps, in addition to being a common practice in the city can help in your evaluation on the app.

Estimate spending - This avoids surprises when checking expenses. Put the expenses you would have on renting a car, fuel and parking on your pencil. At the  Uber Estimate it is possible to make an estimated control of how much you will spend with Uber in Orlando. Be sure to consider the variation of values according to the times of greatest searches by the application.

Be at the boarding point - Uber drivers in the United States don't like to wait. Nobody like. But in Orlando it can be a problem if you are not at the place of departure as soon as the driver arrives. Avoid this.

Uber board check - This is one of the biggest differences between Uber in Brazil and the USA. In the United States, cars only have a back plate. Pay attention to this detail when checking your Uber license plate.

Other services - On your trip to Orlando you can also take advantage of other Uber services like UberEATS, ordering food and receiving at your hotel by Uber car, with direct payment through the app. An added convenience for the day when you are tired and in a hurry to eat.

Disable the App at the end of the Trip - In the United States there is a certain number rotation, so if you do not disable it at the end of your trip to Orlando, your cell phone number may end up going to someone else and they will not be able to download the Uber app. The same can happen to you when purchasing a number that has already been used. If that's the case, just call international Uber support.

We hope that your questions about Uber in Orlando have been answered and that they will help you on your trip to Orlando.

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Good trip.

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