Total Wine: The Mall of Wines in Orlando

THE Total Wine is highly regarded in the United States. Currently, the establishment has a high number of alcoholic beverages. However, the name already makes it clear that the focus of sales is wines.

The place has an impressive structure. Whether for the organization or the wide variety of labels. Mainly, products of all prices, without sacrificing quality.

It is possible to find the store in Orlando and other states of the country and the success is tremendous and makes the visit inevitable. Finally, it's worth visiting this wine mall and shopping at it too.

What is Total Wine?

Basically it's a liquor store. However, the highlight is the sale of wines. 

It is located in Orlando, in the United States and exists since 1991. However, you can find other stores at:

  • New York;
  • Miami.

In total, there are more than 150 stores, which can be found throughout the country. It is certainly an establishment that deserves your visit.


Other drinks sold 

Despite this being its focus, the trade is not restricted to wines. In general, these are the drinks marketed:

  • wines;
  • Champagnes;
  • Liquors;
  • Tequilas;
  • Vodkas;
  • Whiskeys;
  • Beers.

Bringing to the sides of the numbers, the store still very rich. In this sense, the Total Wine has more than 8000 types of wines available. In addition, there are 2500 types of beer and another 3000 varieties of spirits.

How is the store structure?

All products are very well distributed. That way it's easy to find what you want.

There is also a lot of customer support, with several signs classifying the products. For example, you can search using price as a criterion or by score ranking. This rating is global and illustrates the quality of the drink.

The establishment's employees are also available through the Total Wine. So if you need more help, you can turn to them. That way, they can refer you to great products for purchase.

Different sessions for different tastes

It is also worth mentioning the wine sessions divided by countries. In this way, it is possible to find some names such as:

  • France;
  • Chile;
  • Argentina;
  • USA;
  • Italy.

Each session has its own variety of wines, whether rosé, red or white. So there's no way to get out of there without doing some shopping.

Cigars at Total Wine

In the store, you can still find cigars for purchase. These, in turn, can also be found from different regions and different brands.

Generally, the product area is away from beverages. In addition, all models are in a fully air-conditioned and adapted container. Thus, quality is preserved, ensuring a safe purchase.

a single exception

The only model you can't find in the store is one of the most famous. These are Cuban cigars. However, there is a logical reason for this.

These reasons involve an embargo issue between the US and Cuba. Therefore, it is illegal to sell Cuban products in the country. Still, there is a lot of variety to buy for yourself or give someone a gift.

Buying at Total Wine and bringing it to Brazil

At the end of your trip, you can choose to bring some products to Brazil. In principle, there are no import costs for up to 12 liters of wine. That is, this amount is per person.

Considering the standard 750ml bottles, this totals 16 wines. But, it is worth noting that this amount greatly increases the volume of the suitcase.

Please note that age restrictions in the US are different. That way, always have your identity card to confirm that you are over 21 years old.

Is it possible to import directly from the site to Brazil?

Unfortunately, there is no way. Currently, the Total Wine it doesn't even have its portal open to access from Brazil. 

How to pack your purchases well in shipping

In case of shipping, it will be necessary to pack the product well. So here are at least two very useful ways to accomplish this.

  1. Packaging made by the store itself;
  2. Using Bubble Wrap.

1 - Special packaging

They are plastic packaging and personalized by the establishment itself. They have the name Wine Skin and allow for greater security in transport. But the cost ends up making this choice difficult, even if it is from Total Wine.

The pair, on average, costs $7 and in addition to the values, there is another detail. In this case, only one bottle can be transported at a time. 

2 – Bubble wrap

A cheaper alternative is the well-known bubble wrap. At first, buy it together with duct tape at any other store like the Walmart. Then, just pack it right and put it in your bags.

This is a much cheaper and more useful solution. Finally, all you have to do is get organized and travel towards Brazil.

drink prices

Values are part of the store's strengths. In it, it is reality to see affordable or very sophisticated prices.

At Total Wine there is a way to find $10 wines without much difficulty. In fact, the quality doesn't drop that much. In other words, you can find cheap and highly rated wines.

Coming to the other extreme of values, there are wines of $4.999 or more. These, in turn, are placed in a different location.

Therefore, they are labels for those who are really looking for something very special.

Hotels near the store

If you are planning a trip to buy good wines, accommodation is important. So we have a list of 5 good ones. hotels located very close to the Total Wine.

In the list are:

  1. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Orlando at Millenia (Highest Rated);
  2. Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando at Millenia;
  3. La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Orlando Universal Area;
  4. Comfort Suites Near Universal Orlando Resort;
  5. Hampton Inn Closest to Universal Orlando.

A valid tip is to research each one and assess their qualifications. That way, it will be easy to decide which one will best suit your needs. Don't forget to make your reservations in advance.


Store location in Orlando

There are two stores in Orlando. Next, you check the two addresses to visit and shop and your official site.

  • Millenia Plaza, 4625 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839 (Tel: +1 407-352-6330);
  • 2712 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (Tel: +1 407-894-6553).

Total Wine: Good wines and much more

Certainly, the reasons for visiting this store are diverse. After all, in addition to a huge variety of labels, it can be a great tour.

The possibilities of purchasing quality products greatly increase. Finally, you can still give someone mini bottles or cigars. In other words, it is a great option to discover and taste very tasty wines.

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