11 things to take on the trip to Disney

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Do you intend to travel and meet the Disney parks coming soon? Then this article will be very useful for you, as we will list 11 things to take on a trip to Disney.

We know what it's like to pack your bags to go to Disney. We always forget something at home, don't we?

But these 11 items you cannot forget, as they will make the difference between a memorable trip and one to forget. Check out what they are!

1) Refreshing Towels

Disney Refreshing Towels
Disney Refreshing Towels

Disney parks are particularly hot places. Florida itself, and Orlando, are places with a high incidence of heat, but the Disney parks stand out.

There is a scientific reason for this: most of the material in the parks is stainless steel or reflects a lot of light. So, the thermal sensation there is greater than in other places.

Imagine that you only have 1 day to enjoy some Disney park and the thermal sensation is almost 40 degrees. You don't want this to ruin your day!

Therefore, if you intend to travel in a warmer month, you will need to take some cold towels. They are made of a very interesting material that holds the temperature a few degrees lower than the environment.

They can be bought there in Orlando, at Walmart, Target or other stores of the type, or in Brazil itself.

2) Waterproof bags

Many Disney attractions involve water. THE Splash mountain is one of them, for example. Because of this, it's good to have some waterproof bags with you to protect cell phones, cameras and documents.

They are also sold in big stores (Wall Mart, Target), but you can easily find them in Brazil.

3) Memory card for cell phone and camera

Do I need to tell you that you will be taking a million pictures on your trip to the Disney parks? Of course not?

This is so true that even the Mickey's House offers an exclusive photo service to take advantage of the fact that people want to record the moment. Not to mention that the photos taken by Disney photopass are beautiful!

But if you don't want to run out of space to store your photos, don't forget to take an extra memory card or two.

Then, when you arrive at the hotel, download everything to your PC and save to the cloud for more use the next day.

4) Power bank

Power bank

Have you ever imagined running the risk of running out of battery on your cell phone or camera in the middle of your walk in the Magic Kingdom🇧🇷 It would suck! So don't forget to pack a power bank in your bag!

For those who don't know, power banks are extra batteries that connect to a cell phone, camera and other devices via a USB cable.

You can buy one in Brazil, but we recommend you buy it there as they are of superior quality. We have this model that we recommend for its good price and high quality

Regarding the price, you will pay practically the same thing buying here or there.

5) Extra shoes

I always bring at least two pairs of shoes to Disney. In fact, the ideal is to take 3: a more formal one for special events, like alreadynbe with Snow White, and two more informal and comfortable to wear in the park.

This for a simple reason. Actually, two. First, your shoes will get wet. It's inevitable.

There are many attractions involving water at Disney. The only way to keep your shoes dry is to not go in them.

The second reason is overuse. You'll be walking a lot in the Disney parks, so it's worth rotating your shoes to avoid tearing them.

That is: extra shoes are among the things to take on the trip to Disney.

6) Plug adapters

Universal plug adapter
Universal plug adapter

If you've ever traveled anywhere in the world, you already know this, but it's worth a tip: take some plug adapters.

If by chance you don't have one, we recommend you buy a Universal adapter and have it delivered to your hotel, they'll keep it for you! The best and cheapest way to do this is to buy from amazon!

In the US, the plug standard is different from Brazil (by the way, the whole world is different from Brazil).

So buy adapters at electronics stores before you go and put them in your suitcase, or you won't be able to use chargers and other appliances.

7) Alcohol gel

Each year, Disney welcomes approximately 52 million visitors. This means that, per day, there are 142 thousand tourists. On busier days, the number can double.

And they are tourists from all over the world, carrying germs and bacteria from every corner of the planet.

I'm not germophobic and I don't want to make you anxious, but you can imagine that park surfaces receive all kinds of contact from this crowd, right?

Therefore, it is worth investing in an alcohol gel or hand sanitizer and taking care of your health when you are in the parks.

8) First Aid

This one is obvious, but worth remembering: a first aid kit is one of the things to take on a trip to Disney.

Include some tools to solve injuries in the parks (they are rare, but they happen especially with children), such as alcohol, band-aids and the like.

Also, prepare some simple remedies for the flu, poor digestion, stomach problems, headache, inflammation and jet-lag, as these are the most common problems when traveling somewhere.

9) Umbrella

Disney Umbrella
Disney Umbrella

Anyone who has spent any time in Orlando knows the city's famous climate. The day can be sunny and perfect, but suddenly a storm. The rains in Florida appear out of nowhere, without warning.

Therefore, we recommend that you take an umbrella with you to the parks even if the weather forecast guarantees that it will not rain. Because it always rains.

The ideal thing is a raincoat, which does not limit your movements or your fun on the toys. But the umbrella already helps.

To buy a good and cheap raincoat, we recommend you buy it at Walmart instead of shopping inside the parks.

Inside the parks you will certainly pay more than $10, while at Walmart you can find one for less than $2.

10) Sunscreen

While it rains suddenly in Orlando, it is also very sunny. Remember we talked about the cold towels there in the first tip? So it's very sunny.

Therefore, we recommend a good sunscreen to protect your skin and that of your family from some more serious problems, such as sunstroke.

11) Snacks

Finally, of course, don't forget to pack some snacks. If you can, stop by a supermarket in Florida and buy some snacks to satisfy your hunger inside the parks.

You can enter various types of food, including fruits, potatoes, vegetables, snacks and other foods. If what you bring is too tasty, the only risk is security guards asking for a piece (just kidding!).

If you're a Disney Dining Plan customer, you don't have to worry about this as you'll earn snack credits. But if not, you'll save a lot of money on your daily snacks.

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