The Simpsons Ride: Universal Studios Attraction

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Since 2008 in the park, The Simpsons Ride is undoubtedly one of the attractions most sought after by those who go to Orlando, more precisely to the Universal Studios park.

I admit I'm suspicious to talk about anything about simpsons because I love the design!

Anyway, I will try to give you my unbiased view of this incredible Universal Studios attraction.

Based on the television series “The Simpsons” – or The Simpsons -, in addition to an entire area dedicated to them, the family won a motion simulator at Universal Studios Florida.

The most interesting part is that the series' producers themselves worked on building the fun, assisting with animation and design.

In 2013, therefore, Universal received the exclusive area of the Simpsons, the replica of the city Springfield, with The Simpsons Ride as the center of it all.

The Simpsons Ride entrance seen from the side. Photo: Publicity/Fernanda De Rosa
Entrance to The Simpsons Ride seen from the side. Photo: Disclosure

Much more than just a simulator, the attraction creates an interesting environment for you to feel like an integral part of the family.

From the entrance, to the end of the exhibition, you will be delighted with everything for sure.

Find out more about The Simpsons Ride!

Location in the park

First of all, it's important for you to know where to start, isn't it? Well, the Simpsons simulator is at Universal Studios, almost in the “centre”.

Very close to the Coca Cola Refresh Station and practically in front of the Diagon Alley from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

See below at map:

Universal Studios Map
Universal Studios Map

As you can see, the attraction is located at number 16 (orange), in the World Expo area, which houses the MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack and Fear Factor Live.

There's no error. Just enter Universal and go right for life. When you arrive at the place, it is impossible not to identify.

For those who come by Harry Potter's "train", that is, leaving Islands of Adventure, will need to go around the lake.

It's leaving the station, turning left, going around half the lake and arriving at the World Expo.

The Simpsons Ride Details

Think of a very colorful space. Color some more.

That's where the attraction lies. When you arrive at the place, you will see a huge head in readiness, this one belonging to Krusty the Clown (the Simpsons clown).

It is almost 10 meters high, which marks the beginning of your journey through the lands of the characters. Above it, there is indicated the name “Krustyland”.

This is where visitors will enter and wait in line for the tour.

Further inside, the details are even more colorful, related to the varieties found in Carnival, for example.

While waiting, it is possible to watch scenes from the production. Photo: Publicity/Fernanda De Rosa
While you wait, you can watch production footage on The Simpsons Ride. Photo: Disclosure

There are party tents and televisions dotted along the route, which show a snippet of Krusty the Clown show.

The theme is all Simpsons, which leaves the queue somewhat calm, albeit huge.

At that moment, it is the moment in which you have to enjoy and marvel at all the decor.

The videos that are playing are also very interesting.

It's impossible not to be curious to give that “check”, even if you don't know English.

These clips were thought to make the wait less boring, since, as the demand for the attraction is very high, the queues are immense.

Who can ride the attraction?

The Simpsons Ride attraction really is for the whole family.

However, people with health problems and children under 1.02 meters tall are prohibited from adventuring with the characters.

Again, it is worth mentioning that the queue issue can be a problem for those who are impatient, lol.

Usually, children can get a bit fed up with waiting too long.

Therefore, it is worth researching and evaluating the queue time and the quietest days to go to the park.

However, somehow, the wait can be made more fun with part of the program being broadcast on televisions.

How is the Simulator?

The plot of the attraction is, basically, the moment when Krustyland will be inaugurated and Holmer and his family will be the first guests to enjoy the rides. But, that's where the bug gets.

Everything goes wrong and the travelers will be taken to participate in all this confusion.

So, after waiting and waiting and waiting, it's time to strap yourself in and ride with The Simpsons on this crazy and amazing attraction.

Properly equipped and in their seats, the start is given.

Behind Holmer's family, visitors, positioned in carts, will be transported to other places during a roller coaster ride - hence the name The Simpsons Ride.

Springfield in Orlando, an area devoted entirely to the Simpsons. Photo: Publicity/Fernanda De Rosa
Springfield in Orlando, an area dedicated entirely to the Simpsons. Photo: Disclosure

This, however, is a very nice point to take into account: the realism of the simulator.

Seriously, it seems that we are really participating in history, being guided by the adrenaline of going on a “roller-coaster”.

For those who aren't big fans of speed and everything else, maybe it's not such a suitable attraction, since, being extremely realistic, it captures and stimulates all the possible sensations of a roller coaster ride.

At one point, the cart backs up, in pursuit of a scared Holmer with a huge ball.

It does not stop there! Tired, lol? Have more!

After the scare, the most peaceful moment of the tour is when the travelers are thrown into a kind of cup, supported by a rail above their heads.

But, it all gets worse when the movement starts again, once again in reverse.

After that, there's only destruction and situations where we think “oh my God”, since the adventure is far from over.

At the end, it's time to head back to Krusty's park entrance and end the adventure.

Is The Simpsons Ride Worth It?

In view of the information listed above, yes, The Simpsons Ride is worth it, as long as it is the type of attraction you are looking for to have fun.

In short, it's pretty cool, from the environment of the queues to the end, when we go inside the Simpsons store, where we can buy the most diverse souvenirs.

However, to go to the attraction, it is necessary to know what you will find.

Because it's a realistic simulator, you practically feel everything, the jolts, the speed, the bumps.

Although technology helps to reduce this impact, The Simpsons Ride, for those with stomach problems, is not a good option, as it moves too much and too fast, which makes us feel sick, in a way.

And don't think it's an exaggeration, no, but this ride, in particular, manages to be a lot worse than real roller coasters, okay? In this issue of making us feel bad, with nausea, it surpasses many, including the very Rock It, which is also at Universal Studios.

Finally, that's it. Interested? So be sure to put The Simpsons Ride on your script. Have fun and enjoy for real!

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