The LEGO Store – The LEGO Store in Orlando


That Orlando is a paradise, everyone knows. In addition to the parks, there are other places that guarantee fun at the same level. The Lego store in Orlando, for example, is one of the most surreal things you can witness. Have you ever stopped to think about how everything fits and the perfection of the dolls' assembly? You will be … Read more

Cinnabon – The Best Cinnamon Roll in Orlando


What is the best part about traveling to other countries? Of course, one of the best parts of traveling is discovering new cultures and cuisines. For those going to Orlando, going to Cinnabon and trying a cinnamon roll must be on the schedule. That's because there are a few Cinnabon stores dotted around Orlando. This candy is among one of the … Read more

UNIQLO Orlando - Must See Store in Disney Springs


Whoever visits Orlando, surely wants to bring back some memory there, right? The UNIQLO Orlando store in Disney Springs is a great option, as it brings together several collections of clothing, stuffed animals and other accessories. Thinking about giving someone a gift is already quite complicated, but when you have so much variety, it ends… Read more

Walgreens Orlando - The Supermarket / Farm


Walgreens is one of Orlando's most famous establishments. Many tourists and locals frequent this store. The most interesting thing is that it is technically a supermarket, but at the same time it is a pharmacy. But in practice it goes beyond that. That's exactly why she's so popular. So there you … Read more

Bonjour Village Gifts: Disney Stores

bonjour! village gifts store beauty and the beast in magic kingdom

Bonjour! Village Gifts: Beauty and the Beast Store at the Magic Kingdom at Disney is a wonderful store for fans of old Disney cartoons! First, it's a disney store! It's already hard not to be something really cool, when you put it together with Magic Kingdom it gets even better, oh... Read more