Doctor Doom's Fearfall – Tower that collapses


The attraction Doctor Doom's Fearfall is the right tip for those who like toy a bit radical. That's because, yes, it gives a certain fear, be serious. Doctor Doom's Fearfall is located at Universal's Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort's park. It opened to the public in May 1999 and has been in operation ever since. … Read more

Sky Tower: SeaWorld attraction

The Sky Tower at SeaWorld

The Sky Tower is an observation tower at SeaWorld that sits in the middle of the park. That is, you can have a view of all the attractions if you decide to go there. To go up, the mechanism looks like an elevator. More precisely, this tower is in the area known as the Sea of Delight, … Read more

Wild Arctic: SeaWorld attraction

Wild Arctic simulates a helicopter flight across the frozen Arctic lands. At the end, you can also meet some of the animals that are part of the North Pole's fauna. Another option is to participate in the “on foot” expedition. The scenes are the same seen by those who choose the helicopter tour. However, there are no movements… Read more

Test Track: Disney's Fastest Attraction

If you ever thought about creating your own car, be sure to visit Test Track. This is an amazing Epcot attraction where you can envision – and test! – your car. In addition to being very amazing what happens in it, get ready to ride the fastest attraction ever… Read more