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The most popular service offered by PDP Orlando is undoubtedly the Personalized Tour. In order to give full attention to each client, we have limited spaces. Your script will be created directly by Carlos or by Nath from PDP.Orlando.

Guarantee the complete itinerary for your trip without having to spend hours studying every detail that exists in Orlando.

The point here is not just to have a guide at hand to help you, buy the Customized Itinerary for Orlando 2023 It will save you a lot of money, a lot of time and most of all, get you out of countless robberies. 

Orlando Custom Itinerary

The difference between a good trip and the trip of your dreams is in the small details, and we will put together your complete itinerary from the moment you arrive until your return.

Of course, with everything in the smallest details, with food suggestions during EVERY day of your trip, shopping tips, discount coupons and much more.

Not to mention that within the parks we will list the attractions in order so that you not only walk less, but can do all of them and also take a lot less queue.

We optimize your day with a totally specific itinerary for you and your family!

Do not settle for ready-made itineraries on the internet as they are generic and will not suit your tastes specifically, in addition they are often outdated and do not include new attractions open or even which are closed for maintenance.

Orlando Custom Itinerary

With Partiu Disney Parks's Personalized Itinerary to Orlando you will have:

Scheduling your travel days: After analyzing your profile, we will create an itinerary planning every day of your trip, including park days, tours, dinners, shopping, EVERYTHING, so that you can make the most of every moment of your trip, respecting all the requirements.

And if you're lost, and don't even know what to ask for, don't worry because we'll make numerous suggestions for activities for your travel days!

Itinerary for each park: Indicating the best order, which attractions to visit and when, saving you and your group as much time in line as possible.

Will have

Orlando Tips: Places and Tours Outside of Theme Parks

Assistance before and throughout the journey via Whatsapp (or another channel of your choice)

Super tips and inclusion of the Best places to shopping.

Best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner inside and outside the parks, according to where you will be that day and at that moment!

Why Buy Custom Script?

In addition to our years of Experience with travel to Orlando and more than 6 years working directly with the public through Partiu Disney Parks (PDP).

We also have experience working in Orlando parks and we know how the mechanism works from the inside.

Not to mention our passion for always being updated on everything that happens in the land of Magic.

so much that, fWe are also recognized directly by the Disney and we were invited in April 2019 to be part of their first class of Influencers of Magic

Magic Influencers - Disney

Important details about the Orlando Personalized Itinerary 

As the Orlando Personalized Itinerary is handcrafted and we seek to give special attention to each client before, during and after their trip, we do not work with several itineraries simultaneously.

This is to ensure the best service and delivery of the script with the highest quality possible and so that we can focus our full attention on our customers so that their planning and trip are even more amazing!

So, be sure to secure your Personalized Itinerary as soon as possible to ensure that one of the available spots for that period is yours and that your family has the trip they deserve to Disney and Orlando!

Request your quote for a personalized itinerary to Orlando 2023 

Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from dear customers who made the trip to Orlando with our Personalized Itinerary and it was very exciting to follow their trips!

Anderson and Isadora

Testimony Customer Anderson and Isadora

“At the end of 2017, we started our personal planning to fulfill a common dream: to know the Land of Magic.
The hammer was beaten for everything to come to fruition in 2020 and, despite a lot of research, we still didn't feel fully confident about the possibilities of everything Orlando would have to offer, besides the parks.
That's when we met @partiudisneyparks. Undoubtedly one of the most successful investments we made on the trip!
Providential itinerary and assistance. Zeal, promptness and responsibility with our dream define these guys well! We just have to say thank you.
A grade from 0 to 10… DEFINITELY 10!”

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Testimonial Marisa - Custom Tour Client

“Our trip was perfect, planned with great care and help from Carlos and Nath!!!! Script???????? IT'S A SCRIPT!!!!! 180 pages with all parks, rides, places to eat, shops, maps, schedules! All very well explained and if you follow it right, it really works!!!!

Furthermore, they booked our Fast Passes, gave shopping tips, links to specific products we were looking for, helped us with chips, tickets, discount coupons, everything we needed before and during the trip!!!! (I called in the middle of the trip to find out what was possible tip at the restaurant! LOL). We became kind of friends!!!
We just have to thank, recommend and wish you much success!!!! Bj to you!”


statement Larissa

“Wow, anything I write here will not measure the satisfaction and happiness we had on this trip!

It was a dream come true, especially for our little princess Lulu.

Thanks to you, we were able to optimize our time, do the main attractions and make us feel safe with the whole itinerary (even the fat ones lol).
Our work was just the fun part lol thank you so much for your usual availability, especially Nath, who soon replied to me on zap 

I recommend you to everyone! You guys are too much! Thanks" 

Carol and Marcelo

Testimony Carol and Marcelo

“Guys, thank you so much for everything. Without you, our trip to the fantastic world of Disney and Universal, in Orlando, would not have been as unforgettable as it was with your caring and competent assistance.

From the first contact to the formulation of the pdf with the itinerary of our trip, everything was impeccable.
The service during the trip was always carried out with attention and sympathy, extrapolating the proposed and agreed service.

We are sure that without you we would not have been successful in realizing this dream in such a light and carefree way.

We didn't get help from competent professionals, but from dear friends. Thank you one more time "

Karina and Family

Testimony Karina
Testimony Karina

?The script was complete, practical and indispensable !!
I would recommend everyone to go to Orlando because it made a difference to make our trip amazing!!!

I just have to thank the couple who helped me from the preparations to the last day with lots of love and affection!
You are cute! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!?

Information – Personalized Itinerary for Orlando

Information and Deadlines - Orlando Personalized Itinerary

Common questions

Do you cover the value of cheaper itineraries?

Do not. There are several people who enter this market almost weekly. The vast majority of these people are not qualified or reliable to provide long-term service like we do, who have been working with our customers for years and with extreme seriousness. Not to mention that our service will be carried out directly by Nath and Carlos, limiting the available places.

What is the delivery date of the script?

Time may vary depending on your trip and proximity. In general the deadline for delivery is up to 14 days before the date of shipment. There are special cases where we deliver beyond this deadline depending on when the Custom Itinerary was contracted.

Is the itinerary just for the parks?

Not. We set up the itinerary and give you suggestions for any activity you want to do in Orlando. We will also make several recommendations for that “free” day of yours, so that you can enjoy the city more within your budget! And naturally we will set up the itinerary for that day after the suggestions are accepted.

Do you send us a form to fill out and then build the script?

No! We like to work closer to our customers because we believe that exchange is better for everyone. We will create a group on whatsapp and there we will talk about all the planning of your trip. This group will be the same one used in case you need some support during your trip.

Can I pay only on delivery of the script?

To guarantee your place and the full attention of our consultants, we only work with advance payment. In this way we guarantee all our availability and better attention to all our customers.

Should I give you the activities for each day?

If you want to pass on the activity you want to do on a specific day, feel free! However, most of our customers ask us to put together our suggestion for their calendar because for this assembly we evaluate several factors such as schedules, special events and capacity of each park so that they can enjoy every day with as little queues as possible!

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