What are the main attractions of the Disney Paris parks?

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The disney paris parks they are magical destinations that offer fun and excitement to tourists from all over the world. After all, they have the combination of magic and adventure for entertainment lovers. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to create unique and fun memories.

What are the Disney Paris parks?

The Disney Paris parks are a thematic complex located in the Marne-la-Vallée region, close to the capital. With that, it is necessary to know that there is the Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios. So the first one is inspired by the California original.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney Studios is dedicated to the world of cinema, as you have the opportunity to explore behind the scenes. Therefore, it is possible to see more about the special effects, in addition to other shows. In summary, there are special and fun attractions.

Overall, both parks offer magical and unforgettable experiences. Thus, it is possible to enjoy each one with your favorite characters, in addition to watching live concerts. Anyway, it is an unmissable destination for lovers of magic.

Disneyland Paris Park

Known as the place where magic comes true, the park is inspired by Disneyland California. Therefore, it is responsible for delighting its visitors of all ages with its thematic areas. Above all, every detail is designed for fun.

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Disney Paris parks delight their visitors. Image of Sortir à Paris

Walt Disney StudiosParis

The Walt Disney Studios Park Paris presents the magic of cinema to its visitors. In this sense, it is necessary to highlight the unique and exciting experience it provides for entertainment lovers who experience the emotions of their favorite movies.

What are the main attractions of the Disney Paris parks?

Disney Paris parks have a wide variety of attractions for visitors, such as Space Mountain. Therefore, it should be noted that there are several attractions responsible for captivating people of all ages. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean;
  • Space Mountain;
  • Big Thunder Mountain;
  • It's a Small World;
  • Ratatouille.

These are some of the main attractions that captivate the public of the parks. Thus, it is possible to find several incredible shows, in addition to participating in many events. So get ready to experience the enchanted world and create unique memories.

Pirates of The Caribbean

The attraction named after the film Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic Disney parks. Therefore, it is a boat trip that takes visitors on an adventure across the seas. That is, there are several pirate and treasure simulators, as well as a very immersive atmosphere.

Space mountain

Space Mountain is a thrilling rollercoaster adventure in the simulated space of the park. With this, visitors embark on a journey with many emotions and adrenaline. That's because, the attraction has fast curves and zero gravity.

Big thunder mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is another themed roller coaster, but it is inspired by the American Old West. Therefore, visitors follow the tour full of emotion and great adventures. After all, it is possible to go through abandoned mines and sharp turns.

It's a Small World

Another classic Disney Paris attraction, It's a Small World is an unforgettable boat ride. Since, there is how to take a trip around the world, with simulator dolls within the theme. In addition to representing different cultures with a musical background.

the image illustrates about parks disney paris
Disney Paris parks offer an enchanting experience for the whole family. Image from Disney Wiki – Fandom


The Ratatouille Adventure is an attraction based on the movie of the same name. However, it should be noted that there is a very dynamic optical illusion. That is, visitors become the size of mice to experience a culinary adventure in Paris with 3D effects.

What are the top tips for enjoying the Disney Paris parks?

When visiting the Disney Paris parks, it is important to follow some tips, such as arriving early. After all, one must keep in mind that the most relevant point is to make the most of all the tours. Check out the main ways to enjoy your stay:

  • do some research and advance planning;
  • use the disney annual pass to save time;
  • arrive early to enjoy more attractions;
  • stay hydrated and well fed;
  • wear more comfortable clothes and shoes.
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During your visit, be sure to explore in detail what each entertainment has to offer. In addition to the attractions and other enchanting shows present there, remember to take time to talk to the characters and take selfies with them.

Are the Disney Paris parks worth it?

Disney Paris parks are worth it for offering a magical and enchanting experience. With this, it is possible to experience all the fun and emotion that these places inspire in people of all ages.

Finally, it is important to know what to buy at disney, in order to take home the best souvenirs as souvenirs. Yeah, it's a chance to create great memories. In conclusion, it's a wonderful destination to explore and enjoy.

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