Orlando is the true paradise of shoppingEspecially with the high dollar, Brazilians can always find products that are still very worth buying and returning with their bags packed with shopping.

And Orlando, like many US cities, has a big advantage when it comes to shopping, as it has huge convenience stores with a store, clothes, shoes, kitchenware, bedding, beauty products and even chocolates. and cookies, meaning fun for consumers on duty!

Another favorable point of these stores is the resale of famous brands, from previous collections at much better prices, where you can find products such as Michael Kors, Guggi, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Boating, among others. Shops we found near several outlets around town and more other places of interest.

And one of these famous stores is Marshallsbeing considered one of the best priced in Orlando with its style very close to the Ross Dress for Less.

And so, today we are going to give you all the tips on how to make the real perfect gold pan in store and come out with the best products.


THE MarshallsJust like convenience stores in its category, it is divided into departments, covering all types of products, for all tastes.

We will explain each department to assist our visitors at the time of their purchases.

  • Clothes: Excellent session of men's and women's clothing, with anonymous but good quality brands, as well as famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Under, Rebook, Calvin Klein and many others. In this session, the macaws are divided by size and between men and women.
  • Bags: Women-Loved Session and Marshalls is a great place to find promotions for top brand handbags. The store has handbags from Tommy, Guess, Nine West, Calvin, Michael Kors and many others. This session is color-coded, and often even branded, so it's easy to find and choose.
  • Bags: A Marshalls This is a great and much sought after place to buy luggage. This session is divided between sizes, brands and prices.
Marshalls Bags
Marshalls Bags
  • Bed and Bath: Several home goods and at great prices. So many brand options and really attractive values! There are stores that have a famous network of bed, table and bath called Home Good coupled, that is, even better. Like the others, this area is divided by article type.
  • Cosmetics & Make Up: True women's amusement park, there is no visit on Marshalls that there is not a swarm of girls in this session. You can find great products in this area at incredible prices and even better than pharmacies and markets.
  • Perfume: Just like the cosmetic part, the perfume part is very good. It is divided by its brands and it is possible to find CK One, among many others, darlings by Brazilians.
  • Baby Layette: Excellent session for moms who will lay out their future babies in Orlando. There are baby parts up to six years old and famous brands at great prices. Just like the adult clothing session, the clothes are separated by size and boys and girls.
  • Pets: Session dedicated to pets. It's not big, but you can bring a souvenir to our little friends.
  • Toys: Very complete session that pleases the little ones. Separated by age and targeted at boys and girls, there are dolls, games, kits and many toys that even adults like.
  • Footwear: Great session to buy those shoes, sneakers, slippers and even shoe accessories. Session divided between sizes, colors and brands.

Marshalls Shopping Tips


Focus: When the shopping day comes on the Orlando trip, the most consumers are already more excited than those who just like the park, so our first tip is maximum and total focus, otherwise the visitor will leave the inside. Marshalls with a house set up to carry in the trunk and you'll still be overweight and when you realize you didn't need half.

See if what you really need is clothing, shoes, household items or even extra luggage and go straight to the article session you need.

Of course not necessarily, it will be forbidden to look at other sessions, but do not waste too much time, because the temptation is great. Imagine seeing a beautiful Calvin Klein snow jacket for only US$ 19.00, you already want to buy it, even if you live in Rio de Janeiro and every year makes 40 degrees of pure sunshine.

So look at everything, focus on what you want, but don't get lost in the low prices.

Arrive early: Basic premise of those who love to pan in Marshalls and many other things of convenience is to arrive early and find the neatest macaws and shelves, and not have to compete with so many people fiddling and looking for items at the same time.

In addition, it is possible to find the best products, especially from famous brands, at the best discounts, as these articles are usually the most limited and most of the time, the store only offers one or two a day.


Try it all: In stores like MarshallsIt is usually so crowded and we get so excited wanting to look at everything that we take our clothes and go by the eyeglass, not wanting to try anything so as not to waste any time.

This is the biggest mistake, as many people buy clothes to wear even during the trip and when they arrive at the hotel, seeing that something did not fit or was not good is the biggest frustration. So lose 10 minutes of your consumer journey and have fun also experimenting.

Red tags: Here we will give the golden tip of Marshalls! The products that have the red label are the ones with promotion already on the discount applied, that is, very low price!

In January and July, the Marshalls puts a lot of red label on their products, as they are the months with the most promotions to mark the winter and summer seasons, so visitors who are in Orlando during this period, do not forget to enjoy.

Pan with patience: Department stores like Marshalls usually get tidy, and at the end of the day it looks like a hurricane has ended. That's because macaws are crammed with clothes of all kinds, in addition to shelves full of goods of all kinds, so lynx eyes and always patience to find the best products.

Another valuable tip in this item is to look at the clothes that are in the macaws and dressing room areas, as many people put everything they like in their strollers and leave almost ninety percent of the pieces behind and this is where you can find the dress ideal!

Did not find what you wanted, go to another: The products of many stores are the same, but there are some pieces, especially brands of clothing, shoes and bags, which have in one store and not in another. So if there is something you would like not to buy at a Marshalls and did not find it, look for the nearest one and go as there are high chances of finding it. The same goes for sizes or colors.

Where to find Marshalls

Marshalls has a unit all over the United States, not just one store in each city, there are several scatters and in Orlando could not be different. And so we will leave here all the addresses, so as not to get lost at the time of shopping.

  • The Terrace at Florida Mall
    730 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809, Phone: 407-240-9591
  • Kissimmee west
    4799 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, Phone: 321-677-0419
  • Millenia Plaza II
    4648 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839, Phone: 407-248-1915
  • The crosslands
    731 Centerview Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34741, Phone: 407-932-2613
  • Winter garden village
    3349 Daniels Road, Winter Garden, FL 34787, Phone: 407-654-1290

Final considerations

Marshalls is one of those stores that needs a lot of time and patience so you can get things at great prices!

If you need any additional information, be sure to visit their website:

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