Judy's Doll – Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando

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The Judy's Doll it's a store reborn babies, which are realistic silicone dolls. But, the place offers a complete experience and even has a maternity hospital. So, check out everything you need to know about this special place.

Who founded Judy's Doll

Judy Putz had a collection of premium rare dolls when she chose to open the Judy's Doll.

In this way, she shares her passion for this world with the customers who visit her.

The store is in the collector's house, so it's normal to see her there. In fact, she loves to guide the girls who go to the place looking for a reborn baby.

The style of the building is reminiscent of the Victorian era. Thus, it looks like a dollhouse, but full size.

In addition, its interior has several details that enhance this feeling.

Judy's Doll - Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando
Judy's Doll – Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando

Over time, the store became so famous that Judy decided to offer the products online.

Therefore, it is possible to find reborn babies on the website, with shipments worldwide.

Today, Putz is a distinguished citizen in her hometown.

She even received the keys in 2004 as a result of volunteering in her community.

What are reborn babies that Judy's Doll sells

Reborn babies are realistic, handmade dolls. In addition, they can be 100% of silicone or have a cloth trunk.

The details are so incredible that you can mistake them for real babies.

So, those who make this kind of doll are true artists.

They emerged in the early 1990s, when collectors began to look for more real traits.

Judy's Doll - Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando
Judy's Doll – Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando

But it wasn't until 2002 that they became more popular, because of the internet.

The construction process has several steps and is called reborning. On the other hand, the artisans who make the dolls are the reborners.

Many types of people buy reborn babies. For example, adults who have a collection or want a replica of their own child.

In addition to, of course, children who love to play with dolls.

The Judy's Doll works with models from various brands. Also, customers can have a more complete experience by adopting one of the dolls.

Where is Judy's Doll located

Judy's Dolls in Longwood, Seminole County, Florida, is where Judy Putz's home is located. In turn, the city is about 23 km north of Orlando.

Its population reaches just over 13700 inhabitants.

Despite being close to one of the most touristic places in the world, longwood it has the air of a typical US suburb.

Judy's Doll - Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando
Judy's Doll – Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando

It has a historic district where visitors can see 19th century buildings.

However, the reborn baby store stands out, attracting tourists from various places.

How to get to Judy's Doll

It is possible to reach Longwood from Orlando by car, taxi, uber, urban train or bus.

Although the SunRail station is a few blocks from Judy's store, the journey is a long one.

By bus, in general, the journey is also longer. Therefore, using public transport can take up a lot of time in a day trip.

After all, in a private vehicle, the journey takes 25 minutes.

Find out what the house where Judy's Doll is like

Judy lives with her husband, Dave, in an American Colonial-style home. But a curious fact is that it has a Brazilian flag at the entrance. Also, the founder is a nice lady who speaks Portuguese.

The inside has a nursery so customers can see the dolls. They stay on beds that mimic hospital incubators. In addition, there is a counter where the owner presents the reborn babies and weighs them.

The place has a super delicate decoration, similar to a child's room. So, most of the colors are in pastel tones, creating a special atmosphere for customers.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday and opens from 10 am to 4 pm. However, Judy loves to chat with visitors and collectors who pass by.

What products does Judy's Doll sell?

Realistic dolls aren't the only products on sale at Judy's Doll. Although this is its strong point, the store also offers accessories and other toys.

For example, she has:

  • stuffed animals;
  • Carts;
  • Comfort babies;
  • Clothes.

In general, items are handcrafted or rare. So, find out below how some of them are and the brands available.


This brand has dolls of various types, some washable, others more realistic. At the same time, she has a line of slightly larger reborn babies. Thus, they look more like small children.

Madame Alexander Doll Company

You can also find more common dolls in the store, such as Madame Alexander Doll Company. However, they are of high quality and some are collectible items.


Ashton-Drake reborn babies include models with material identical to the skin of a newborn. Still, there are dolls of various skin tones and twins.


Gund was one of the first companies to manufacture teddy bears in the United States. That's why you can find several of these animals in the Judy's Doll.


This German brand has over 135 years of tradition and manufactures felt animals. So, Judy's store offers her products, many of them, in an exclusive edition.

How is the adoption of a reborn baby at Judy's Doll

The realism of reborn babies awakens unique sensations. For that reason, Judy created an adoption ritual. Thus, whoever buys one of the dolls has an experience of connection from the first moment.

Judy's Doll - Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando
Judy's Doll – Reborn Baby Shop in Orlando

The experience begins with choosing the newborn. Afterwards, the doll gets a bracelet with identification data. Then a birth certificate with the foot mark.

Anyway, the new mother or father can hold the child in their arms. All of this is done by the shop owner, who still weighs and dresses the baby. But, the customer only pays for the doll, which costs from U$ 115. In fact, it is possible to choose any model available.

Restaurants near Judy's Doll

After checking the Judy's Doll, you can eat at one of the restaurants from the surroundings. That way, you'll see a little more of the town of Longwood. So, find out what the options are near the reborn baby store.


Thailicious is one of the closest restaurants to Judy Putz's home. Thus, it is possible to enjoy a meal just 600m from there. However, their dishes are Asian cuisine, although they have options without any kind of pepper.

The main meals are Thai food, like Pad Thai. In addition, the menu has salads, starters, soups and desserts.

bonefish grill

This restaurant focuses on fish and seafood. However, it also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. Also, the drinks menu has options for drinks, wines, beers and much more. 

Korea House Restaurant

The strong point of this place is the Korean food with the traditional bittersweet flavors. But, a positive point for those who visit the Judy's Doll is that it is a four minute drive from the dollhouse.

See what to do around Judy's Doll

Longwood is nowhere near as touristy as its neighboring town. Even so, there are some tours you can take to enjoy the trip. So find out what to do there.

Take a tour of the historic district

Discover some of the history of the place and visit buildings from the end of the 19th century. For example, the Inside Outside House, from 1873 and the Christ Episcopal Church, from 1879. Anyway, tourists can do this tour in about an hour.

Enjoy one of the parks near Judy's Doll

There are many parks in the surroundings with green spaces for picnics and sports. So, see two alternatives to take a walk.

Reiter Park

In front of Judy and Dave's house, you can see a park. This is Reiter Park, which has tennis and basketball courts and children's toys. At the same time, the place has a fishing pier and exercise equipment.

Candyland Park

A skate park and baseball fields are some of the features at Candyland Park. It also has sports courts and toys. However, it is much larger than Reiter Park.

Where to find Judy's Doll reborn babies in Orlando

The MacroBaby is a chain of stores with products for parents and babies. Since 2018, the Orlando unit has opened a maternity ward for reborn babies. That is, it is another alternative to buy a doll of this style.

The address is on Florida Mall Ave, an avenue with strong commercial appeal. Despite having a special service, it is different from the Judy's Doll. That's because MacroBaby has more than six thousand square meters, with items such as:

  • Baby clothes;
  • Furniture and cribs;
  • Pacifiers and baby bottles;
  • Carts.

What is MacroBaby doll maternity like?

At MacroBaby, it is also possible to adopt one of the Madame Alexander or Adora dolls. Also, JC Toys brand babies are available at Florida's largest maternity ward.

The experience is very similar to that of Judy Putz's house. But, a nurse attends to the new parent. In addition, it even listens to the heartbeat along with the person.

American Girl is another famous doll shop

In Orlando, another famous store with exclusive dolls is American girl. Although not intended to be realistic, there are several lines and models. For example, Truly Me comes in different colors, hair types, and other traits.

The unit is located in the Florida Mall, one of the largest malls in the city. In fact, it has a beauty salon for dolls and a bistro. Thus, the child can have a complete shopping experience. In addition to the toy, the store has extra items such as:

  • Same clothes for the girl and the doll;
  • sunglasses and earrings;
  • plush pets;
  • Shoes.

In the beginning, the brand had original characters like Samantha Parkington. So, each of them had a book that told their story. Because of their 35th anniversary, they are back in the American Girl catalogue.

Where to buy toys in Orlando

Florida is famous as much for its theme parks as it is for being a shopping destination. That's why you can find everything, including places to buy toys. So, see stores to buy this type of product.


places like the Walmart and the Target sell a huge variety of items. That's because they are very large, have different sections and brands for each category.

With toys it is no different. So, you can buy stuffed animals to puzzles.

In addition, prices are usually lower than those at official parks and stores.

Department store

Those who go to Orlando in search of shopping destinations cannot leave this type of store out of their itinerary. Therefore, they are good places to purchase toys if you already plan on going through them.

Stores like the Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have offers.

But, they don't have many specific products, with movie and series themes, for example.

Orlando shopping trips to do as a family

Know the Judy's Doll it's just one of several Orlando shopping tours. Although the reborn baby store is special, there are also amazing places within the city. So, check out leisure areas to meet with the whole family.

Disney springs

Disney springs It's a kind of open-air mall.

Contrary to what one might imagine, he does not have only stores of this brand.

That's because, it has different types of trade.

It has shows, live music, events and some attractions. By the way, parking is free and admission is also free.

In this way, visiting the complex is a good way to get to know a little piece of Disney.

Universal CityWalk

the essence of CityWalk It's the same as Disney Springs. That is, to be a free visitation area with several shopping and leisure options.

But, the difference of this center is its focus on restaurants.

In this place, tourists find alternatives with fantastic themes. In addition, there is a wide variety, for all tastes and types of audience. For example, some of them are:

How to prepare to shop in Orlando

The Judy's Doll it is a quiet place in comparison to the great centers of Orlando. For this reason, those who want to shop in this city should prepare themselves. So, here are some steps to have a stress-free day.

Plan your itinerary before leaving

Know what you want to buy and which stores to go to to get those products.

That's because there are so many options that it's easy to get lost in the middle of them. This way, you can also save time and see more places.

Visit store and mall websites to get discounts

Many Orlando malls have exclusive deals on their websites. Others even have discount clubs and you can print out coupons.

That's why it's worth checking the internet and seeing if there are any promotions.

Bring something to put all the bags in

Having a backpack or even a suitcase on wheels helps not to carry multiple bags. Although some places have lockers, this is a good alternative.

So you don't have to go back to them at every store you visit.

get ready to walk

Wear comfortable clothes, because the malls and locations with Disney Springs are huge. So you will need to walk a lot if you want to have a shopping day.

Orlando travel tips with kids

There are many attractions in Orlando, but you need to pay attention to some details. Especially if you plan to travel with children.

So, check out some tips that will make your stay easier.

Have some snacks on hand

Orlando places often have queues, so the trip can involve a lot of waiting.

So it's always good to have something handy to eat in the meantime. For example, a bag of chips or a cereal bar.

rent carts

This is a key tip for anyone traveling with young children.

As much as they are no longer babies, often the little ones can't stand to walk much.

So, you can rent strollers from places like MacroBaby itself.

Choose a hotel with leisure options for children

Children almost always have the energy up there. So, book a hotel that is friendly for this phase.

On the other hand, see the leisure options that it includes. That way, the little ones won't get bored in their resting place.

Visit Judy's Doll on your Orlando trip

Whether a child or an adult, anyone who wants to buy a reborn baby will find a good variety in Judy's Doll.

Beyond the dolls realistic, she has other types of rare and collectible toys.

The house is super charming and the attention that Judy gives is a differential. That is, she shares everything she knows about the subject, making the visit a unique experience.

Going to Longwood is also a chance to learn a little about the history of the surroundings.

Thus, walking around this city makes for an interesting and calmer tour than Orlando.

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