Free Dining Plan 2020 – Dates, Information and Tips

Disney's Free Meal Plan or “Free Dining Plan 2020”Is a special offer that offers a great discount on the Walt Disney World vacation package.

Here, we’ll cover promotional information, booking tips, historical dates, forecasts and rumors for the Free Dining Plan 2020 and answers to frequently asked questions, including whether the “Free Dining" worth it.

The good news is that the Free Dinning Plan is now available for 2020.

It was released earlier this year and we have all the details, plus extensive comments on our free dinner now available for 2020! Basic discount dates and information are also listed below here.

The bad news is that dates are incredibly limited, the promotion must be booked very quickly and some resorts have few room options.

The positive side of this bad news is that everything makes a second wave much more likely. 2020 Free Dining Plan. If you want to be notified immediately when more 2020 Free Dining dates are released, be sure to let us know follow on instagram where we spread all the news!

 Here are the 2020 free meal dates currently available to date:

  • June 27 to June 28, 2020
  • July 5 to July 7, 2020
  • August 29 to September 8, 2020

This offer must be booked until January 16, 2020. These offers follow the normal Free Dining Plan terms, conditions and rules, all listed below in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Now for other discounts available, followed by more rumors and predictions for Disney's 2020 Free Dinning.

If you are a resident of the European Union, the offer 2020 Free Dining at Walt Disney World for UK residents is now available. Despite the name, this is available to all EU residents. We are finding that the majority of people who read this are not residents of the European Union, so that in itself does not serve many.

Next, we’ll offer some more predictions of what we think of Free Dining for 2020

Rumors and “Forecasts” for the Free Dining 2020

Even at the beginning of 2020 there are already rumors about the promotion Free Dining this year on Walt Disney World.

Historically, there is a precedent for Walt Disney World discounts to be launched on the second day of January (just as it was this year again).

Last year, it was Free Dining, but that was an anomaly, due to the fact that guests postponed their travels because of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

More discounts are also usually launched in January, although not always on the same day. (In other words, room-only discounts may be on the way.)

We originally stated here that we anticipated that the first discounted launch in January 2020 would not be the full free dinner promotion.

Instead, it would probably be something smaller and more symbolic to give a little push to travel planners on the fence.

We could see the free dinner “in parts” / half-free dinner being offered (something like the Free Dining Plan, but on a small scale).

Anyway, they don't have much discount, but they get people excited about the “Free Dining” marketing buzzwords.

So, now that Free Dining 2020 has been launched for a limited time in the summer and early fall, what's next? We believe that a second wave of free meals is likely to launch for travel dates of mid to late September 2020, in addition to dates around Christmas, in other words, November and December 2020.

However, it is too early to offer a definitive forecast and, in large part, what, if any, future dates will be released, will depend on the effectiveness of Disney marketing and word of mouth around a series of new additions. It could be a great year for Walt Disney World, even without offering many discounts.

Especially since they have been increasingly looking for influencers (like ourselves when we were invited to the “Influencers of Magic”) to publicize their new additions!

As we have pointed out countless times, Walt Disney World does not offer discounts for a sense of corporate benevolence. They do this because the hotel's occupancy and internal presence projections are below expectations.

In summary, discounts are offered to encourage people to book trips to Walt Disney World.

Aggressive promotions and discounts were much needed last year. 2020 will be another story entirely (although we don't know what the rest of the year will be like due to the corona-virus that has spread very quickly).

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance just opened to receive praise from critics and guests (including us - we think it's the best new Walt Disney World attraction in decades).

Strong word of mouth has resulted in growing crowds for the new attraction since it debuted, and the 'process' of experiencing it is so complicated that we have a comprehensive Tour guide and FAQ for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Besides Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Walt Disney World has other new attractions on the horizon that attract guests.

Mickey and Minnie's “Runaway Railway” will open on March 4, 2020. A lot of things will also open on Epcot this spring, culminating in Remy's adventure in Ratatouille in the summer of 2020.

Then there is the economy. After fear of a recession last year, consumer confidence has recovered and travel spending has soared.

Among these highly anticipated new additions and consumers willing to spend, Walt Disney World does not need to offer as many discounts in 2020 as the company did last year, quite the contrary, we believe this will be a particularly busy year.

Okay, for us Brazilians, it has gotten slightly more complicated due to the rise in the dollar that we are following, but let's hope it goes down over the year.

However, we are still a long way from September 2020 (and, by extension, the holiday season), and a lot can change between now and then.

Construction at Epcot can scare guests. The Star Wars hype: Galaxy's Edge may fade. New attractions may debut with lackluster reviews.

The economy may falter or the upcoming elections may leave consumers worried about spending too much on travel and the dollar may rise even more!

Either way, we will be closely monitoring the Free Dining situation and keeping our ears open for more rumors about a second wave of “Free Dining”. If anything - anything - is released, we will update this post with due dates.

Free Dining Plan Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Dining Plan is Walt Disney World's most complicated promotion and can be a huge headache to book.

Between limited availability and navigating a sea of rules and restrictions, it is easy to make mistakes.

This section of the post covers the rules, terms and conditions and policies that generally govern the promotion of free dining.

We always recommend that Walt Disney World real-time newbies (or ordinary people who don't want to deal with the hassle) request a quote FREE from Be Our Guest Vacations, an authorized Disney travel planner. No legitimate travel agent charges for a Walt Disney World vacation reservation (and you don't pay a premium for them - Disney pays a commission), so that's really the easy way.

Of course, if you want something more complete for your entire trip, your best way out is to look for us to set up your Personalized itinerary in conjunction with our travel consultancy!

With this special offer, Walt Disney World guests who book vacation packages with discount resort hotels and park tickets receive a Disney meal plan for each party member at no additional cost.

For obvious reasons (who doesn't like free food ?!), the promotion is incredibly popular and some of the disney resorts who offer free meals tend to sell out quickly.

Guests booking the Disney Free Meal Plan promotion for Value or Moderate Resorts (types of Disney resorts -> See our hotel post to better understand the difference) will receive the Disney Quick Service Meal Plan. Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resorts guests receive the Disney Dining Plan standard. It is possible to upgrade to the standard Disney meal plan or the Disney luxury meal plan by paying the difference in cost.

Disney's meal plan now includes alcohol and specials! If you like beer, wine or cocktails, this adds a lot of potential value to Disney's meal plan and, by extension, free meals. Even if you don't drink, it's nice to be able to order these special drinks.

There are some room exclusions to promote free meals for 2020: 3 bedroom villas, campsites, cabins at Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Wilderness lodge, bungalows at Polynesian Villas & Bungalows and Little Mermaid rooms at Disney's Art of Animation Resort.

These resorts and room categories are not eligible for free meals. In addition, room inventory is limited at all resorts. In practice, this means that when you book, a specific category (standard view, garden view, etc.) may not be available for your travel dates - or your travel dates may not be available at a resort specific.

To enjoy the Free Dining Plan, guests are also required to purchase tickets that include a minimum of 4 days of Park Hopper or the Park Hopper Plus option. In addition, a minimum stay of 4 nights is required, with a maximum stay of 14 nights.

This means that you cannot buy discounted tickets to Walt Disney World from an authorized dealer, as we usually offer! This is something you should keep in mind when doing the math to determine if “free dinner” is a good value for you.

When it comes to free meals, doing the math is incredibly important. Other discounts (such as a room-only discount) may be better for your family. Remember, there is no free lunch. Do the math for your trip to see if it’s what you’re looking for!

If you have already booked a vacation package with a qualified arrival date for free meals, we recommend using the “modify reservation” link on your reservation to apply the promotion to your package. This is the quickest and easiest way to apply the promotion.

You can see other advice that recommend calling to book free meals. This is out of date. If you call the Walt Disney World reservation line, you will likely be on hold for an hour (or hours) until you can speak to an agent. Booking or modifying your reservation online is much faster and easier.

Even if the online system crashes (which happens very often) or is slow due to all the traffic, it is easier to keep trying online. Unfortunately, online booking is not always possible and technical errors happen ... so you may have to call and wait on hold.

To answer other common questions: yes, you must purchase tickets with the offer, even if you already have them (or an annual pass). No, reservations made with points from Disney Vacation Club are not eligible for the offer. No, you cannot “stack” this offer with a percentage room discount (at least not in the USA).

Please note that the promotion Free Disney Dining Plan is always based on arrival dates. For example, if the free dinner takes place from the 27th to the 28th of June and you arrive on the 28th of June and stay until the 5th of July, you are eligible for the free dinner, even if it is blocked for arrivals from the 5th of July 2020 (You didn't arrive on July 5 in this scenario - you arrived in June.)

However, if he offers these same dates and you arrive on June 26 and stay on the same dates, you will not be eligible for free meals, even if more of your stay occurs during an “eligible” period than the first example.

The alternative solution for this is to make a split stay, with the nights of arrival ineligible as part of a vacation and a second vacation starting on the first valid “arrival” date and continuing later.

Again, arrival dates are what matter for free dinner.

Walt Disney World Value and Moderate Resorts guests receive the Quick Service Dining Plan during the Free Dining promotion, but can upgrade to the Disney Dining Plan (standard) or the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan if they pay the difference. Deluxe Resort or Deluxe Villa guests receive the standard Disney meal plan and can upgrade to the Disney Deluxe meal plan by paying the difference as well.

For 2020, the upgrade cost to move from the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan to the standard Disney Dining Plan for Free Dining is US $ 23.01 per adult and US $ 4.51 per child per night. The cost of upgrading from the standard Disney meal plan to the Disney meal plan is US $ 40.99 per adult and US $ 16.99 per child per night. To upgrade from the Quick Service Disney Meal Plan to Deluxe, add the two upgrade costs.

In the section below, we have historical dates for free meals in recent years. The rest below is historical information about the Free Disney Dining Plan promotion

Free Dining Plan historical information

The following is not relevant for 2020 or beyond, but we have found that readers find it helpful to have details about previous Free Dining promotions when planning the future and what to expect.

Please note that dates are quite consistent from year to year, with short shifts for holidays, weekends and special events (such as Pop Warner) or other things that can be excluded from the Free Disney Dining Plan promotion.

Last year, there was no early booking window for Disney Visa cardholders, but there was an extended period (see below).

In the previous two years, Disney Visa cardholders had an early booking window. The exact dates are listed below. In most years, the general public can book dinner packages free of charge 5 days after booking Visa Disney cardholders.

In the past, Free Dining was announced in late April, with the opening of the reservation for Disney Visa credit card holders and the general public a few days later.

In the past two years, there has been no early window for Disney Visa cardholders.

Here are the dates free Walt Disney World meals available from 2013-2019 for historical reference.

Free meal dates 2019:

July 5th to September 30th *
September 1st to 18th **
November 17th to 27th **
December 8 to 23 **

  • First and second wave of free meals
    ** Third wave of free meals

Free meal dates for 2018:

August 20 * - September 29
November 24th to 27th
7 to 23 December

  • Visa Disney card holders can book for arrival dates from August 2nd.

Free Meal Dates 2017:

August 21 * - September 30
November 14-20
November 25th to 27th
December 8 to 23

  • Visa Disney cardholders can book for arrival dates from August 13th.

2016 Free Dining Dates:

August 23 * to October 1
November 15th to 21st
November 26th to 28th
December 10th to 21st

  • Visa Disney cardholders can book for arrival dates from August 14th.

2015 free meal dates:

August 28 to October 2
October 25-31
November 8th to 19th
December 15th to December 21st
2014 Free dinner dates:

August 31 - October 3
October 26 - November 1
November 9 to 20
December 12th to 23rd
2013 Free meal dates

September 2nd to 25th
September 29 to October 2
October 18th to November 2nd
November 11th to 23rd
December 12th to 22nd

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