Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii – Complete Guide 2022

Did you know that Disney has an amazing hotel in Hawaii? In this post we'll give you several tips for planning your first visit to Disney's Aulani Resort, this amazing Disney Resort in this tropical paradise!

Disney's Aulani Resort

Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, is the creation of Walt Disney Imagineers who worked with Hawaiian artisans and cultural experts to create a special Disney experience. 

From air travel to choosing the right hotel room, arriving at Aulani and special activities after your arrival, we have tips and answers to common questions about planning a trip to Aulani.

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hawaii Hotel (1)
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii (1)

Excited to learn more about this amazing Disney hotel?

So let's do it!

What Hawaiian island is Aulani located on?

Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, is on the island of Oahu in kapolei

It is part of the Ko Olina Resort, making what is already an exceptional resort even more special. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hawaii Hotel (2)
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii (2)

Aulani sits on the first of four man-made lagoons that make up Ko Olina Resort's 2 kilometers of white sandy beaches.

Which airport do you arrive at to stay at Aulani?

Fly to the International Airport from Honolulu, with the airport code HNL. 

Please note that airport transfers are not included in the price of a stay in Aulani.

Therefore, you will need:

  1. rent a car (more on this later)
  2. take a Uber (as of October 2019, the average Uber trip price is between US $ 40 and US $ 60)
  3. use the Hele Hele Shuttle service. Book early. Fees are US $ 10 for 2-year-olds and US $ 24 for everyone else.
  4. get one Charley's taxi for a flat fee of $ 55 from the airport to Aulani. 

When you return, plan to arrive two hours before your flight. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hawaii Hotel (1)
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii (1)

The airport is older and covers a large area. 

If you have to leave a rental car, wait three hours. 

The place where the car rental companies are located is a good distance from the airport. 

Arriving three hours in advance will allow you enough time to wait in line to return your car and get to the airport without any worries.

And there's so much to do at this family-friendly resort—from lazy rivers and water slides to character breakfasts with Mickey and Minnie—that you don't have to go out. 

Should I rent a car to stay at Disney's Aulani Resort?

That depends on whether you want to do anything else on Oahu during your visit. 

While there are lots of fun things to do on Oahu, staying at the Aulani is quite expensive. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Therefore, you may only need transport from the airport to Aulani and back, which is cheaper than renting a car for most families or groups traveling together.

Also, if you rent a car, you will need to park it. 

Self-parking and valet parking are US $37 per day at Aulani. 

DVC members with points earn free self parking for up to two vehicles.

How many days do you need in Aulani?

If you have kids 12 and under, they will want to stay a long time and never go home, so plan to stay for at least five nights. 

If you are traveling to other Hawaiian Islands or have older children, three nights and four days will be sufficient if you arrive early on the first day.

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

But we would say that with at least 5 days you can enjoy the resort immensely.

Does Aulani have everything included? 

Aulani is not an All Inclusive resort. 

However, there are ways to save money to keep costs down and we'll talk a little more about that later in this post!

How much does it cost to visit Aulani?

The big expenses here are rooms, transportation, food and activities during your trip.

Let's open each of these sessions and go into details for these expenses!

Hotel Rooms in Aulani

A standard room at the Aulani starts at around US$ 400 per night (plus 14% sales tax) and goes up to US $700 per night. 

Disney Aulani Resort Room
Disney Aulani Resort Room

One-, two-, and three-bedroom villas with full kitchens and one- and two-bedroom suites range from about US $ 750 to US $ 2,950 per night. 

Expensive isn't it? Yes, prices relatively close to Orlando deluxe hotels like Polynesian and Contemporary.

Hotel room rates are higher if the room has a sea view.

Consider leasing DVC spots to get Disney luxury at a more affordable price.

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Transport to Aulani Resort

Ticket fares will depend on your airline, airport of origin and how far in advance you book your trip. 

Booking early and off-season will surely help you save money! 

Round trip tickets from my residential airport arrive at US$900 during the winter months, compared to US$ 1300 per person in the warmer months. 

But remember, I'm in Brazil, if you're flying from the US the prices are much better with something around $300-$500.

Food at Aulani resort

It is safe to budget US $200 per day to feed a family of four. That is, approximately $50 per person per day.

Food at Disney's Aulani Resort
Food at Disney's Aulani Resort

Of course, if you plan on having special dinners and character experiences and meals, expect to spend a little more. 

How can I save money traveling to Aulani?

As we said, giving up the rental car will save you a lot of money, as will renting DVC points to reserve your room. 

Disney's Aulani Resort - Disney Resort in Hawaii
Disney's Aulani Resort – Disney Resort in Hawaii

Plus, as with any trip, food and extras add up when traveling to Aulani. 

Ordering groceries to be delivered to your room or, if you've rented a car, stopping at the grocery store will help you save a lot of money. 

Shop for some easy-to-take breakfast items, Starbucks via for breakfast, snacks, and adult beverage fixations. 

Limit room service, poolside dining or a full meal at a restaurant to one meal a day. 

Instead, choose cheaper food at Ulu Café and Mama's Snack Stop. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

If you don't have a car, walk 10 minutes to the small market at Ko Olina Center for easy inexpensive lunch items.

Free things to do in Aulani

Be sure to check out the Daily 'Iwa every day and take advantage of the many free activities at Aulani. 

Aunty's Beach House Kids Club offers free experiences and schedules for children ages 3-12. 

Free things to do can range from canoe racing to ukulele lessons and animation drawing lessons. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

And of course you are in Hawaii. 

Ko Olina Resort is home to beautiful beaches and lagoons, all free of charge. 

What activities by age group are there here at Aulani for Children?

Aulani does a great job providing activities for all ages, from preschoolers to adults. 

Some activities are included in your stay and others have an extra cost. 

Fortunately, you are free to decide your schedule and what activities you want. 

Children up to 5 years old

Preschoolers can enjoy Aunty's Beach House, which is a Disney-style babysitter. 

Children ages 3 to 12 do crafts, watch Disney movies and play games, all under the watchful eye of Disney supervision. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Keiki Cove Splash Zone is a perfect water park for those hot paradise days. Mo'olelo Fire Pit Storytelling is another great activity for kids in this age group – gather around the fire as Tio and Moana tell a story using puppets, props and a little Disney magic.

school age

The older your children are, the more activities Aulani Resort offers. 

Waikolohe Pool is its incredible pool and is available to its guests!

The pool area is the place for parties with Disney character appearances and interactive pool activities with cast members. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Children and parents together can search for clues and solve puzzles on the Menehune Adventure Trail. 

There's even a leisure area nearby, known as the Menehune Bridge. 

Your kids can also take a guided tour to learn about the landscape and imagination behind the resort. 

teenagers and teenagers 

Teenagers and teenagers can participate in most of the above activities, from the splash zone to the Menehune Bridge. 

Pool at Disney's Aulani Resort - Disney Resort in Hawaii
Pool at Disney's Aulani Resort – Disney Resort in Hawaii

Older children can also play golf at the nearby Ko Olina Golf Club. 

Some days they can even play golf for free after 3pm. 

The Painted Sky Teen Spa is exactly what it sounds like – a spa for 13-17 year olds only. 

It's a great way to relax from a busy school schedule at home. 

There are a variety of shops to shop, restaurants to dine and swimming pools to explore. 

Teens and teens can even sign up for extra activities like snorkeling with the fish at Rainbow Reef, poolside cabanas, beach yoga, and more. 

Is Aulani a Disney theme park?

Many people ask us about this.

Aulani is not over-the-top Disney; focuses more on the Hawaiian experience. 

Disney characters don't appear everywhere you go. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

This is a luxury resort with top notch Disney service. 

If you want more Disney, you can choose to immerse yourself in Disney activities and meet and greet characters as often or as little as you choose.  

How Hawaiian is Aulani?

Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, was designed and built with Hawaiian culture at its core. Many Aulani experiences tell the story of Hawaiian culture. 

Disney has worked with more than 80 local Hawaiian artists whose art is displayed throughout the resort and has hired many people from Hawaii to work at the resort. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

The Hawaiian ambiance was masterfully created at Aulani.

In fact, if you're really passionate about Hawaiian culture and history, don't miss the fireside storytelling by the oceanside fire pit.  

Can adults enjoy free time for children in Aulani?

One thing Disney does well is offering fun activities for all ages, even adults.

The Aulani Resort is designed to allow parents to relax while their children safely enjoy the resort and its activities. 

Aulani Resort helps adults enjoy their time by providing safe, supervised areas for children and teenagers.

Once the kids are safe, head to the whirlpool spas, an adults-only pool known as the Wailana Pool, play golf, shop, dine and more. 

The Laniwai Spa is for adults and has everything you could want from a spa. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Or venture out on one of the horseback tours or guided tour. 

What restaurants are there in Aulani?


 This is Disney's classic breakfast buffet, where Mickey, Minnie or Goofy will join you tableside. 

On select nights, this restaurant is the venue for a fun dinner show known as the Menehune Mischief no Makahiki. 

It celebrates the story of the Menehune – the magical little people of Hawaiian legend. 

Love Love: this is a contemporary open air restaurant with a modern twist. It's where the tastes and flavors of Hawaii come to life.

Ulu Café: Quick service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, perfect for days at the pool or beach when you don't want to lose your coveted chairs. 

Olelo Room : Drinks and snacks and live music many nights. 

Off The Hook: the poolside lounge which also offers pool and beach service. 

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Mama's Diner, Papalua Shave Ice and Little 'Opihi's Beachside Kiosk : These snack bars are scattered throughout the resort.  

Wailana Pool Bar: For adults only, this bar serves cocktails and lunch beside the adults-only pool. 

Is it worth leaving the Aulani Resort for something?

This is a very personal decision, but I will share our family experiences. 

We've been to Aulani six times; airfare and the resort itself are not cheap so we really wanted to get our money's worth. 

On our first trip, we left the resort just to walk to local restaurants near the property. 

On the second trip, we took a day drive to the North Shore and that was it.  

What is worth expanding in Aulani?

A water excursion is a must! Disney offers a catamaran experience for ages 4+ it's worth every penny! 

A good dinner at Ama Ama is also worth it during sunset. 

The view from the restaurant over the lagoons and the ocean is unforgettable. 

Is it worth staying at the Aulani Resort?

Definitely yes, especially if you have kids. 

The memories made at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, are so special, they will be remembered for years to come.

Disney Aulani Resort - Disney Hotel in Hawaii
Disney Aulani Resort – Disney Hotel in Hawaii

Tips for Staying at the Aulani Resort

  1. Make dinner reservations when booking your trip. Restaurants fill up fast.
  2. Upon arrival, purchase your ​​Disney Aulani refillable mugs for US $ 18.99 to get free non-alcoholic beverage refills at select locations during your stay. Take them home and bring them back for your next visit!
  3. Get a copy of the Daily 'Iwa. This is your Aulani Bible of each day's activities.
  4. Google Sunset Times before your trip so you can make dinner reservations during sunset. Request a seat by the sea.
  5. Book a Character Dining Experience . Essential on your first trip. Be sure to book in advance. 
  6. Bring a small bag with pool and beach needs if you arrive before 3pm check-in. Aulani will store your luggage so you can enjoy the resort while you wait for your room.
  7. order groceries by Instacart for hotel delivery!
  8. Buy your own sand toys so your kids can play in the beautiful Hawaiian sand on the beach. Pass them on to another family when you go out and enjoy the smiles on their faces!

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