Disney movies that should have attractions in the parks

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Several theme park attractions are based on Disney movies, but not all of them. So, find out now which of these famous titles don't offer attractions and events for fans from all over the world who visit Disneyland.

Likewise, you can follow which attractions will be launching soon, to plan your trip to the Disney universe. This makes it even easier to create a complete itinerary for your family when visiting the most diverse attractions in Orlando.

What are attractions based on Disney Films?

Attractions based on Disney Films are locations in theme parks that use Disney productions to create environments for fans. In this way, people from all over the world enchanted by the magic of this universe travel to live this experience.

In general, the attractions have several different themes, always based on famous films or characters. Therefore, it is common to find:

  • adventures in the parks;
  • themed restaurants;
  • characters and shows;
  • hotels with decorated rooms.

You can also find several attractions around the parks, if you prefer to get away from the more crowded places. So, be sure to carefully read all the details in this article to get to know Disneyland.

What are the Disney theme parks?

There are several parks based on Disney films, such as Epcot. Likewise, there are other environments, such as:

Each of them is aimed at specific attractions, but they are not the only ones. After all, you can also visit water parks, themed after Disney films and characters.

It is also worth highlighting that there are other complexes spread around the world, such as the disney paris parks, for example. Likewise, there are also Disney attractions that were later made into films.

Enjoy the parks even more

By getting to know the attractions that are under renovation or not, you can enjoy your trip even more, as it becomes easier to create an itinerary for your trip. Likewise, it is also ideal to know your favorite places, given the size of the parks.

There are also tours aimed at children and others that appeal to young or adult audiences. Therefore, it is ideal to know a little more about them so you don't have any problems when you arrive at your destination.

A difference for fans

When visiting the Disney parks, you can live an experience that goes from shows themed to the films to eating dishes linked to the stories in the titles. So, this tour is, without a doubt, a memorable moment in the lives of fans of his films and animations.

Disney movies that should have attractions in the parks
Attractions based on Disney Films are known all over the world and attract tourists and fans who want to live this experience. Montage with photos from Disney World and Wikipedia.

What are the Disney movies that don't have attractions in the parks?

There are many Disney film titles that do not currently have attractions in their parks, such as the movie “The Jungle Book”. Still, there are others that were successful around the world and that also do not have fixed attractions, such as:

  • Bolt – The Super Dog;
  • Brave;
  • Brother Bear.

There are also those who only have attractions in children's shows or even just contact with the characters. On the other hand, some film attractions ended to make room for more recent titles.

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Bolt – Super Dog

The animation released in Brazil under the name Bolt – Supercão does not have a fixed attraction in Disney Orlando Parks, which leaves some fans surprised, in a way. This is because the design was very well received around the world.

In turn, the film tells the story of Bolt, a dog who has super powers and fights against the villain Dr. Calico. However, the possibility of something emerging around this topic cannot be ruled out.

Valente (Brave)

Brave is a Disney film released in Brazil in 2012 and tells the story of Princess Merida and is inspired by Scottish landscapes. However, the title currently does not have attractions in any of the parks.

The production was well received by critics and its revenue exceeded 200 million dollars in its first month in theaters. But, this is yet another success that does not have a park appeal for its fans.

Brother Bear

The film Brother Bear tells the story of a young Indian who has an abnormal aversion to bears since he lost his brother in an attack by the species. In this sense, the title was released in Brazil in 2003 and was also very well received by critics.

Even with the success of the work, this is one of the films that should have attractions in the parks, but that does not have anything based on its story. However, the list doesn't stop there yet.


The film Encantada was released in Brazil in 2007 and tells the story of Princess Giselle, who was expelled from the castle by an evil queen. So, she decides to move and starts living in New York.

Despite being a film that had a good response and with a box office that exceeded 340 million dollars, it does not have attractions in the Disney film parks. Therefore, it is also a title that deserved a more than special attraction.


Last but not least, we can highlight the animation Mogli: The Bear Boy, which is still successful all over the world today. However, due to the time of its release, shows that had its theme were removed from Disney World.

The film, in turn, tells the story of a boy raised by wolves and who befriends a bear, on a journey he takes to get to know himself. Still, it was such a success that Disney released a film version with non-animated characters.

What are the characters in the Disney movies without attractions?

Some of the Disney films have attractions in full operation, although some are paused, such as the encounter with Tinker Bell, from the film Peter Pan.

Likewise, the famous Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party, with Mickey and Minnie, is also paused, with no expected return date yet.

Still, at Hollywood Studios and water parks, there are attractions closed and without confirmation of reopening, such as:

  • Blizzard Beach;
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid;
  • Jedi Training Academy (Star Wars Saga);
  • Star Wars: Galactic Spectacular.

It is also worth noting that some Disney Park hotels based on their films are also closed, whether for renovation or maintenance reasons. In fact, some examples are:

Disney movies that should have attractions in the parks
At Hollywood Studios there are also several attractions based on Disney Films that attract tourists from all over the world. Image by Kaleb Tapp on Unsplash

What attractions based on Disney movies will be released?

There are also attractions based on Disney films soon to be released at Disney World, such as the titles Inside Out and Tangled. However, some of them should only be ready in 2024.


The movie Tangled has an attraction under construction based on its story and in the coming months or years you can enjoy all this fun. However, there is no release date yet.

Still, Disney has not yet announced what the name of this new attraction will be or how it should work. Therefore, stay tuned for details that should emerge soon about the new environment.

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For the second half of 2023, the launch of a new area or environment based on the film Frozen is planned. 

In this sense, ?World of Frozen? It will be one of the biggest expansions in all Disney parks, but it is in Hong Kong. In Orlando, it is now possible to watch shows and meet characters at various events in the parks.

Operation Big Hero (Big Hero 6)

Disney should also launch some environments based on the film Operation Big Hero in a few months, but that should also be far from Orlando. However, fans can delight in a complete world of characters and attractions.

Disney movies that should have attractions in the parks
At Animal Kingdom, tourists and visitors should also find attractions based on Disney Films. Image from the Wikipedia website.

Attraction in California

It is worth noting that, for this particular film, the attraction will be set up in California, in a new Disney space. Therefore, it is worth including a visit to this environment in your trip, for an even more complete experience.

In the main parks, however, you can also find several places related to the film, such as characters or souvenir shops, if you want a souvenir of the Disneyland spaces.

Redesigned attractions

Some of Disney's attractions were closed for a while to update their structure and theme. However, they will still follow the theme of the studios' films, such as:

  • Mary Poppins;
  • Splash Mountain;
  • Caribbean Beach.

Other locations will also undergo renovations and others may also be discontinued, although there is still no precise data on what these may be. So, be sure to follow everything here on Partiu Disney Parks.

Disney movies that should have attractions in the parks
Attractions based on Disney Films are spread across all Disney World parks and environments, such as Epcot. Image from the Wikipedia website.

Are there events based on Disney movies that don't have attractions?

There are some events based on Disney films that do not have fixed or large attractions, such as character encounters. 

Encounter with characters

Some Disney films do not have specific or fixed attractions, such as restaurants, for example. However, it is possible to find characters from the following titles:

  • Lilo & Stitch;
  • Alice in Wonderland;
  • Fantasy.

This is common with slightly older films or even recently released titles, which have not yet had attractions planned for the parks.

It is possible to find attractions at Epcot with characters from films such as Inside Out and even Mulan. Still, other classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or even ?Finding Nemo? have fragments throughout this and other parks.

Themed shows

Still, even for films that don't have attractions, it's easy to find themed shows in bars and restaurants, as an extra outing for the family in July vacations or the end of the year, for example.

With this, you will never fail to meet characters that have impacted your life, whether in your childhood or even as an adult.

Is it worth visiting Disney movie attractions?

With so many other options, it is definitely worth visiting the Orlando parks and other Disney movie attractions., even if there are no specific spaces for all of the brand's productions.

After all, the world of parks has a lot to offer you and the experience you will have with your friends and family will be unique, so allow yourself to experience this magic. 

Finally, a final special tip for your vacation is that it is possible to stay in International Drive Hotels, in order to be very close to the parks.

I hope again that this post helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

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