Blue spring
Blue spring

By the time we started our trip to Orlando, we had already prepared a road map full of parks, shopping and unmissable restaurants.

However, there are other attractions in the city, which are very unfamiliar and provide a lot of fun and so today we will talk about Blue spring state park.

Some of our clients from our custom scripts have had the pleasure of taking this tip and have enjoyed this tour immensely.

Called the “extra park”, the Blue Spring State Park is an alternative tour of a nature reserve, among many others that exist in Florida.

And it's the perfect ride for those who want to take a break from Orlando's shopping, marathon and theme parks, and have a very affordable access value.

The park is composed by the source of crystal clear waters, which forms an almost turquoise natural pool, surrounded by green and wild animals, in a total area of 10,500 km² of almost wild nature, where you can swim and enjoy all the beauty and energy. of the place.

The park is well known for the visitors that appear there during the winter, the manatees, and it is possible to see a huge amount of this animal, swimming close to the visitors.

Spring temperatures remain constant at 22 ° C, creating a safe haven for these West Indies animals.

Manattee Blue Springs State Park
Manattee Blue Springs State Park

Already in winter the park offers and hot water for these inhabitants. In addition, water activities are closed from approximately mid-November to March, and swimming with manatees is not permitted.

Visit to Blue Spring State Park

A reserva natural fica a aproximadamente uma hora e meia de distância, de Orlando, indo de carro e usando, como ponto de partida, o seu Aeroporto Internacional, localizada na 2100 W French Avenue Orange City FL 32763.


The park opens at 8 am and closes with sunset. Therefore, the time will vary according to the period of the visit.

How much ?

The park ticket is purchased right at your entrance and as access can be done by car, bicycle or on foot:

The price range is stipulated as follows:

  • Vehicles from 2 to 8 people - US$ rate 8.00
  • 1-Person Vehicle - US$ Fee 4.00
  • Pedestrians, bikes, and extra passengers - US$ fee 2.00.

It is noteworthy that the value is per vehicle and not per person inside it.

There is still the option of camping at the park, which is US$ 24.00 per night plus tax and US$ 6.70 fee for booking (no refund). This amount includes the use of water and electricity from the reserved area.

Blue Spring State Park Attractions

O Blue spring state park It offers a range of activities for its visitors, who want to enjoy the day and all the nature that the park offers. So let's list some of these activities for you to choose from and schedule when you visit:

Blue spring state park

Boat Tour: For those who like to know a little more about the local history, the park offers a two-hour guided boat tour where you will learn a little about the local nature and the St Johns River where tour is performed. Remembering that the guide will only speak English.

The tours take place at two times every day. At 10:00 and 13:00. To find out more about rates and reservations, the park can be reached at (407) 330-1612, (386) 917-0724.

The tour has support for people with special needs or accessibility. And it is requested that this information be passed at the time of booking.

Tubing: one of the most popular walks is the float ride, as it is possible to cross the park entrance to the crystal clear water fountain. Despite being a short walk, approximately 1km, it is delicious, as if it were a lazy river.

The buoys can be removed from the park entrance store.

Fishing: Visitors can fish at the St Johns River Dock. However, fishing is not allowed in the Blue Spring Run area.

It should be noted that fishing is allowed, but it must respect the regulations regarding size, number, method of capture and season. You can find this regulation by accessing the website Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fishing in Florida.

Also be aware of the need for fishing license submission. It may be required.

Hiking and hiking: Walking and hiking in an almost virgin nature is extremely encouraged and one of the most sought after activities. There is also a paved trail that will take the visitor to Blue Spring.


THE Pine Island Trail is a 5.8 km long round trip that takes visitors on a nature walk with incredible diversity from desert vegetation to the Blackwater Creek, known as the St. Johns River. . The walk is quiet, just watch the signs.

Kayak: Visitors can go kayaking / canoeing on the beautiful Blue Spring Run and the St Johns River. Canoes and kayaks can be rented at St. Johns River Cruises along the St. Johns River. For more information, current conditions, availability, costs and reservations, call (386) 917-0724 or visit St. Johns River Cruises. 

Blue Spring State Park Kayaking
Blue Spring State Park Kayaking

Diving: For visitors who want to practice this sport within the park, you will need to present a diver's certificate, so take it easy if you have your card, so be sure to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the park for this practice. But beware, solo diving is not allowed. To be able to dive in the waters of the park and in the caves, it is necessary, besides the certificate, that you have a companion in the activity. It is also important to remember that no dive can exceed the 17:00 deadline.

If the visitor does not bring their own equipment, it is possible to rent snorkel and buoys at the Blue Spring shop.

Camping: As said before, it is possible to camp in the park. The area has availability for 51 vehicles, style motorhomes, up to 15m in length, in an area near the natural pool. Each location is equipped with a picnic table, water, electricity and a barbecue. There are also two complete bath areas with showers and toilets.

Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance. on line, or by calling (800) 326-3521.

Blue Springs State Park Camping
Blue Springs State Park Camping

Cabins: for those who want to make the most of the activities the park offers, and stay overnight at Blue Spring State PairIn a more comfortable way than camping, you can rent one of the six cabins available.

The cabins have accommodation for six people and each has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, as well as all the necessary infrastructure for a family or group of friends, such as heating or air conditioning.

The kitchen is complete with all its utensils and the cabin has a fireplace, barbecue, pic nic table, porch and sofas. They also provide: bed and bath linen. In addition, two cars are allowed per cabin.

Per night is US$ 95.00 + taxes (2 night minimum). Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance by calling (800) 326-3521 (8am - 8pm) or TDD (888) 433-0287.

Blue spring state park
Blue spring state park

Picnic: There are two areas in the park reserved for picnic with various scattered grills, coffee tables and some covered pavilions. You only need to bring your food and items such as glasses, cutlery, plates and napkins, as there are not available there.

To access this area a reservation is required in advance by calling n. 386-775-3663.

Blue Spring State Park Tips

First tip to enjoy the park is to arrive early, because when it is crowded, the rangers do not allow the access of any visitor, unless someone leaves.

In addition the ideal is to enjoy the park in the morning and early afternoon, since most activities are watery.

Within the park there are not many food options available. Just some items from the shop Blue Spring State Park, so be warned with your snack in your bag.

Another important tip is to preserve nature as much as possible. As it is an environmental reserve place, be careful with your trash, especially if you are going to picnic. When you are done, collect all your things and leave them in the designated place for disposal.

Also, do not feed the animals, they have their own care, the staff that takes care of the parks.

We know it is of good intention, but an industrial food can harm some little animal. Remember that they are in their habitat and we are visiting them.

Another very important point in this matter of animals, as it is an environmental reserve, always be accompanied, with close guides and in places of allowed access, since being an environmental reserve, where many places did not have human action, there are wild animals like alligator, snakes, among others.

But do not worry, as everything is controlled by the park staff, but it is important to move only through the permitted areas.

And finally, don't tear up leaves, flowers and the vegetation of the place! As the local sign itself says: Leave footprints and take memories!

Final Information

As we said, it's not just parks and shopping where you can have fun in Orlando. There are many extra attractions, especially the Springs!

In the heat of Florida, a trip to one of the ecological reserves is always a good option and pleases everyone in the family and especially the kids. So, did you like these tips? This and more on our blog!

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