Technology lovers who travel to Disney never stop visiting a store Best Buy Orlando. But to call Best Buy a store is to underestimate its magnificence and size. 

Dubbed the electronics shopping mall, the chain has an infinity of products, of various brands, in the most diverse segments. In addition, Best Buy also offers exclusive consulting, installation and repair services.

Include a Best Buy Orlando in your shopping itinerary you are guaranteed savings if you are planning to bring electronics from your trip to Orlando.

If you are looking for clothing store and department ones with more varieties and not just electronics, we recommend a reading in our guides:

You want an electronic device but you´re having a hard time finding it in Brazil? It is very possible that you will find it in a Best Buy Orlando.

That equipment that you didn't even know existed, can also be found in one of the chain's stores. This is due to the wide variety of products that Best Buy offers.


So it is important to prepare yourself, both for what you plan to spend, and for an extra find. Set aside a budget for each of these situations.

Research the price of the products you plan to buy on the store's website, and separate that amount. Also set aside another amount for the extra findings, so as not to overextend and spend much more than planned. 

In this article you will know everything you need to know about Best Buy and will be able to check the best tips to make the most of your purchases in Orlando. Check the addresses, products and services that Best Buy offers to plan your purchases and travel to Orlando with the maximum benefit. 

Reasons to buy at Best Buy Orlando?

Best Buy Orlando Product Range

Best Buy has an impressive range of electronic products from the most diverse companies. Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Nintendo are some of the most sought after brands in the store, in addition to many others that operate in the most varied technology segments. From electric toothbrush to high-end laptops. It has everything from electronics to Best Buy Orlando. 


Best Buy Orlando Prices

This is the reason that draws the most attention and attracts so many tourists in search of products that, in other countries, would be much more expensive. Friends and relatives are sure to order from you when planning your trip to Orlando. So, get ready! It is worth researching the price beforehand, checking the fees (including luggage fees), in addition to paying attention to the dollar quote. These are important factors to consider when selecting items from your Orlando shopping list.

Assistance to Tourists

It is to be expected that any Best Buy Orlando store is prepared to receive tourists from different parts of the world. Many units of the chain have a sign in Portuguese at the entrance of the store and in addition, many stores hire Brazilian or Portuguese-speaking attendants, making shopping in Orlando at Best Buy a lot easier.

What's on Best Buy Orlando

There are countless electronic products offered by Best Buy, which makes it much easier when shopping in Orlando, as many of the items on your list will be in the same place.

To talk about the products in the store, let's first understand each sector. This will help a lot when you are at Best Buy looking for a product on your shopping list.

The departments are: Computers and Tablets; Beauty Fitness; Cell Phones and Telephones; Audio, Cameras and Camcorders; Car Electronics and GPS; TV and Home Theater; Video Games, Movies and Music, Appliances; Home, Garage and Office; Smart Home, Security and Wi-Fi; Usable Technology and Drones Toys and Collectibles. 

Check out what we found in each of these departments to facilitate your shopping in Orlando at Best Buy.

Best Buy Notebooks
Best Buy Notebooks

Computers and Tablets & #8211; Laptops, wi-fi routers, tablets, scanners, monitors and parts for assembling computers are some of the products that you will find in this sector.

Beauty, Fitness & Health & #8211; Pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose monitors; massagers; shavers; activity trackers and pedometers; epilators; fitness watches, scales, among others.

Cell Phones & Phones & #8211; This sector, besides being located at the entrance of the store, is also one of the most sought after. It has a multitude of devices in addition to cases, chargers and films. Always request an unlocked model at the time of purchase. To understand a little more about purchasing cell phones at Best Buy, read the item “Phones and IPhones at Best Buy"

Audio & #8211; IPods, headphones, speakers, mp3 players, and home theaters are some of the devices in this department.

Cameras and Camcorders & #8211; From the simplest, to DSLRs and GoPros, photo cameras are the flagship of this department, as well as all items in this segment such as lenses and accessories. 

Car Electronics & GPS & #8211; A sector that lovers of travel on four wheels love. It has everything related to multimedia, alarms, DVDs and GPS of last generation.

TV and Home Theater & #8211; Giant TVs with very affordable prices. Smart TV, blu-ray, dvd, home theater and 4K ultra HD TV are some of the most sought after items in this sector. 

Video Games, Movies and Music & #8211; This is one of the most popular departments in the store with everything that appeals to game lovers: consoles, games, nintendo switch, xbox and playstation 4 are some of the disputed items.


Home appliances & #8211; Waffle maker, bread, crepe, popcorn are some of the unusual items that are widely sold in this sector, in addition to the common blenders, mixers, and other household appliances.

Home, Garage and Office & #8211; Vacuum cleaners, water filters, electric pressure cooker and multifunctional, among others.

Smart Home, Security and Wi-Fi & #8211; Everything for home security like surveillance and security cameras. Voice assistant, smart sockets and switches are some of the items to make your home more technological.
Drones, Toys and Collectibles & #8211; Educational games, drones and others.

Services offered by Best Buy

Best Buy Installation & Repairs & #8211; Geek Squad

Geek Squad is one of Best Buy's service sectors. Among the services offered are repairs on tablets, laptops and computers; installation of home theater, GPS, configurations and repairs of several devices, as well as guidance on how to get the best out of your electronic equipment.

Buy Online at Best Buy & #8211; Pick Up Store

In this service, you buy online and retina in the store. You select which Best Buy Orlando store you want to pick up your product from, which will be available 2-3 days after purchase. Newly launched products end quickly in stores. In this case, buying online can be a solution for saving time and convenience. Still, it is important to pay attention to the payment methods and fees for this service, for example, payments with an international credit card, charges IOF of 6,38%.

Best Buy Orlando Online Shopping and Promotions & #8211; Weekly Ad

You can buy through the website and ask to deliver to your hotel in Orlando. To request this service, make sure your hotel accepts receipt of orders. For online purchases, be sure to enter the "Weekly Ad" option located at the top of the website page. There you can check out the week's offers. 

At the entrance of the physical store, Best Buy offers the week's promotions, as well as in the brochures. The chain does not provide discount coupons, so promotions are the only ways to save a little more at Best Buy while shopping in Orlando.


Where to Find a Best Buy in Orlando

The city of Orlando has 06 Best Buy stores and there are another 04 in nearby cities. Know each one of them.

Best Buy Mobile Florida Mall East, and West8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail 302A Orlando, FL 32809

Located at numbers 2542 and 2724 of Shopping Florida Mall, Best Buy Mobile East (number 2542) and Best Buy Florida Mall West (store 2724) are those stores that are important to take advantage of early, even to get to know the entire Shopping complex calmly. However, it should be noted that these two units of Best Buy are exclusive to cell phones, tablets and services related to these devices.

Best Buy Florida Mall & #8211; 8350 S Orange Blossom Trl Orlando, FL 32809

This store is one of the most frequented in Orlando and is very close to the Shopping Florida Mall. It is also one of the favorites of Brazilians. It is a large store with several sectors and services. In order to avoid long lines and get a more competitive product it is important to arrive early. Even so, some products can run out quickly depending on the launch date and the time you visit the store. So, if you are planning to buy a device for launch, evaluate the purchase on the website for pickup at the store, or consider going to another Best Buy store to do your shopping in Orlando.

Best Buy Waterford Lakes845 N Alafaya Trl & #8211; Orlando, FL 32828

Best Buy Waterford Lakes is close to the Orlando university area, away from both downtown and parks. It is one of the stores that has an exclusive sector of Amazon and Apple. City residents can take advantage of the appliance installation services in both homes and cars that Best Buy Orlando offers.

Best Buy Millenia Mall & #8211; 4155 Millenia Blvd & #8211; Orlando, FL 32839 

Best Buy Millenia Mall is located in the Celebration neighborhood, close to Disney parks. This Best Buy Orlando has a Samsung Experience Shop to try products and talk to expert brand consultants. It is the second most crowded in Orlando second only to the Florida Mall store, so it is also worth noting here about the most interesting times for shopping in Orlando.

Best Buy Cameras Orlando
Best Buy Cameras Orlando

Best Buy East Colonial 4601 E Colonial Dr & #8211; Orlando, FL 32803

The East Colonial store is located in downtown Orlando. It has a sector of repair services in electronic and cellular devices. Because it is not so crowded, it is an option for those who want to escape the queues while shopping in Orlando.

Best Buy near Orlando

Going to nearby cities is always a good option for shopping days in Orlando. We have selected some units in neighboring cities that may be an option to escape the queues, in addition to visiting other locations and expanding your tours on your trip to Orlando.

Best Buy Kissimmee 1620 W Osceola Pkwy Kissimmee, FL 34741

It is about 30 km from Orlando at The Loop, a Kissimmee shopping space.

Best Buy Winter Garden3367 Daniels Rd Winter Garden, FL 34787.

It is located at the Winter Garden Village in the city of Winter Garden, 25 km from Orlando. When planning your travel itinerary to Orlando it is worth including this graceful city.

Best Buy Altamonte Springs597 W State Road 436 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. 

It is about 17 km from Orlando in the small Altamonte Spring.

Best Buy Davenport & #8211; 6300 Grandview Pkwy Davenport, FL 33837. 

This is the most distant. It is about 50 km between the cities of Orlando and Davenport. This is one of the cities known for making many houses available for rent in seasons and many tourists stay in it while traveling to Orlando.

Best Buy store hours are generally between 10 am and 10 pm. Some close at 9pm. As this time varies according to seasonality, it is important to be aware of the site.

Phones and IPhones at Best Buy

BEst Buy Cell Phone Unlocked
BEst Buy Cell Phone Unlocked

At Best Buy Orlando you can buy unlocked cell phones. Unfortunately this rule does not apply when it comes to IPhones.

On the website, however, you can find the “marketplace”, and you can buy from third parties. New models can be more expensive than in the apple store, however, older ones tend to be much cheaper. It is important to assess whether Apple products are worth buying at Best Buy Orlando.

In the case of other mobile phone brands, the variety of devices for your purchases in Orlando will be more present on the website than in stores.

During your shopping in Orlando it is important to pay attention to these two terminologies:

  • 'no contract phones', or cell phones without a contract, would be our prepaid;
  • 'unlocked phones'are unlocked cell phones. 

Be sure to select these two options when shopping in Orlando.

Important Tips and Information

On shopping days, do not leave packages in the car to later move to another location, or even leave it for a while in the parking lot. It is recommended to go straight to the hotel to store your purchases, and then follow your planned itinerary of activities on your trip to Orlando.

There is a wave of seasonal thefts in the city and tourists are the most targeted, so it doesn't hurt to pay attention to these details to enjoy your stay in Orlando.

Take advantage of the tips in this article and make good shopping on your trip to Orlando.

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