Everything you need to know about Free Dining Plan 2019!

Typically, a large portion of the budget for a trip to Disney goes with food. This explains the amount of messages we have been asking asking about the Free Dining Plan 2019: if it's worth, how do you book, what conditions & #8230; After all, it's always good to save a little whenever the chance arises.

Instead of answering each person individually, we decided to take all the questions you had about this Disney show and answer here. If at the end of the text you still have a question, just leave it in the comments, ok?

So let's do it!

What is the Free Dining Plan?

Starting at the beginning: Free Dining Plan is one of Disney's most popular and sought after programs. It works like this: If you book a room at one of the Disney resorts during the dates they set and under the specified conditions, you get a free dinner package for all the people in your room during the stay.

That's right: Free dinner at select Disney restaurants. Well, free, right? Let's talk more about this below.

Bottom line: The package offers free dinner at Disney resorts under certain conditions.

What are these conditions?

Varies a lot. The fact is that the Free Dining Plan is not available all the time. You cannot, for example, book a package with this program now.

Because this is something really special, Disney only releases the package at specific times and for certain dates. The last time the Free Dining Plan was released early 2019, for bookings between July 5 and September 30.

Based on this latest package offering of this program, the requirements are as follows:

  • Reservation must be made in one of the resorts participating in the promotion;
  • Reservation must be for one room without any kind of discount or other promotion;
  • Participants should TO ARRIVE resort within the range established by the package (for example, 2019 dates were set July 5 and September 30. If you stay at the resort from September 30 through October 6, you are eligible for the package because arrived within range. If you stay in July 3 through July 10, you are not eligible for the package because arrived before the break);
  • Participants must purchase a Park Hopper ticket for 4 days OR a Park Hopper Plus ticket;
  • Participants must stay a minimum of 4 nights at the resort and a maximum of 14.

Can I book now?

No. As I said before, it is only possible to book the Free Dining Plan on specific dates when Disney releases the package for tourists.

At the time of this publication, packages are not available.

How do I book Free Dining Plan 2019?

You need to regularly monitor the Disney official website to know when the Free Dining Plan will be available. They usually warn on the official blog of the company.

Also, it is better to prepare in advance because the package vacancies run out quickly and the rules are relatively strict.

Is the Free Dining Plan worth it?

That's the million dollar question, isn't it? Or, let's be more realistic, the question is worth about $ 500 to $ 1000 depending on your trip.

The Free Dining Plan 2019 is worth it. But neither is it worth it. It depends on who you are, who will travel with you and your eating habits.

I explain:

You may already know that there are no “free” things. When the supermarket offers “light 3, pay 2” chocolate, the price of the 3rd unit is built into the other two packages. You are effectively paying for everything.

The thing is, for promotions, companies often reduce profit margins so that the proposal is more advantageous to customers.

In relation to Free Dining Plan 2019, it's only worth it if you gain more value from him than other options.

This is because, to opt for the Free Dining Plan, you must give up any other Disney promotion or discount, and opt for Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus tickets. For example, you cannot use this package and those 25% discount rooms.

So you have to do the math to know if the package is advantageous or not.

Usually, except in very unusual cases, the Free Dining Plan 2019 is advantageous from 3 people in the room (father, mother and daughter, for example). Rooms with 3, 4 or more people get more value for what they pay for this promotion.

Rooms with two people are in a gray area. The Free Dining Plan is worth it depending on the resort and the daily expense of these people.

Also, remember that if you really want to, really save on DisneyIt's probably more advantageous to buy food at local supermarkets, make some home-made snacks and options like that.

Of course this requires certain sacrifices (it's not really cool to eat improvised food, right?), But it's a matter of choice.

So to summarize:

  • if you travel in 3 or more people, the Free Dining Plan worth it;
  • if you travel for 2 people, it is better to do the math carefully as it will depend on the resort you choose and whether you are “gluttonous” or not, if you know where to eat cheap at Disney or not.

Well, I hope we have all your doubts about Free Dining Plan 2019 cleared up. Undoubtedly, it is a very interesting and beneficial program under the right conditions, but neither is it so amazing that you should change your entire planning. trip.

If you can book the package when you travel to Disney, take the opportunity. If you can't, that's fine, you don't have to keep changing your plans to get this promotion.

So, everything was clear about the Free Dining Plan 2019 at Disney? If you still have a question, leave it in a comment below!

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