50's Prime Time Café: The 50's Restaurant at Disney

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Written By Carlos Braga

Think of a restaurant that makes you travel back in time and the destination is the American 50s. This is the proposal of 50's Prime Time Cafe, one of the themed restaurants at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The decor is the highlight of this classic restaurant that doesn't skimp on 1950s charm.

There are countless details that Disney has prepared for you to be immersed in this experience, from the clothes of the attendants to the objects in the environment.

The cuisine is simple and tasty, very much like American comfort food. These are meals that Americans call "comfort food", or comfort food.

The dishes are well served and the price is reasonable, but what really stands out, besides the decor, is the service.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know so you can't miss the 50's Prime Time Café when you're in Hollywood Studios from Disney.


The 50's Prime Time Cafe is located in Hollywood Studios, specifically in the Echo Lake area, right next to Commissary Lane.


It's right there in the Sci-Fi Dine In area, the restaurant that portrays old open-air cinemas in drive-in style. It is also close to the attraction of Indiana Jones.

There's no error.

Ambiance and Decoration of the 50's Prime Time Café

The façade of the 50's Prime Time Café immediately draws attention.

Inside you realize that you are actually inside an old house.


At the reception, you will find a 1950s-style kitchen with items such as an old television, dollhouse curtains, cupboards and objects from the decade.

There you provide your name to the attendant, and wait.

Take this moment to take your pictures in the living room, or just sit on the sofa and watch the black and white television.

When called, you and your companions will be directed to a fully decorated environment, like a true 50's American kitchen.


Yup. You will eat in the kitchen. You are in your house, after all.

Ready. Suddenly you are fully immersed inside an old movie.

There are countless decorative objects that reinforce the immersive experience. Antique fridge, wallpaper and black and white television showing old programs and drawings are some of the elements of the decade.

But it wouldn't be Disney if, in addition to the environment and meals, the employees didn't join in the fun. And they come in.

The waitresses and waiters treat you like you're family, but they're the bosses, see? That's because they don't forget to ensure that all family members have ?good manners? and ?eat everything?.


That's right. They tell you to set the table, don't let you lean on your elbow, and make sure you're eating all the veggies. And don't eat so you can see if you won't get scolded?

It's all part of one big game that celebrates the classic family spirit of the American 1950s.

Meals at 50's Prime Time Café

Homemade dishes and classics from the 50's are not lacking on the menu, showing that American cuisine goes beyond hamburgers and pizza.

The dishes are even signed by family members.

We have cousin Megan's traditional meatloaf, a dish of beef and pork, topped with tomato sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes, roasted garlic and green beans.

Mom's old fashioned roast beef comes with mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, gravy, carrots, celery and onions.

If you prefer white meat, a good choice is auntie's dish. Aunt Liz's Fried Golden Chicken is served with mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, chicken gravy and seasonal vegetables.


Those options listed are some of the main dishes on the menu, but the starters are also very appetizing, such as grandpa's crab cake that comes served with succotash salad, bacon and pepper sauce.

Another excellent starter for hot days is Cousin Amy's iceberg lettuce made with vegetable-based ranch dressing, bacon, chives, cherry tomatoes and sliced red onion.

Desserts are also American classics like the traditional warm apple crisp pie.

You can't think of American cuisine from the 50's without mentioning Milk Shake, and among the options on the menu you can choose the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ones, or the special peanut butter and jelly milk shake.

But it's at ?Dad?s Liquor Cabinet?, or ?Dad?s Liquor Cabinet?, where the fun starts to get serious.

Those are the family's alcoholic options, including Grandma's boozy punch with vodka, peach schnapps, creme de cassis, light lemonade and pineapple juice.

Tips and Curiosities of the 50's Prime Time Café

This is one of the restaurants you really need to book.

You might get lucky and get a table at the last minute, but if you think the 50's Prime Time Café is really worth going to, secure your table in advance as it gets busy.

50's Prime Time Café is part of the list of restaurants that accept Disney's discount plan, the Dining Plan Disney.

Meal prices are fair, but you can use this service to get up to 30% off the total meal price.

unlike others disney restaurants, the 50's Prime Time Café doesn't have many vegetarian and none vegan options. Perhaps that is the only criticism of the restaurant. Still, they adapt the dishes without major problems.


As you've noticed, 50's Prime Time Café provides an unforgettable immersive experience, tasty food and fair prices.

If you like that playful atmosphere, you'll love the 50's Prime Time Café.

I hope you've taken advantage of the tips in this article and that you enjoy your experience at 50's Prime Time Café to the fullest.

Need Booking?


Despite not being crowded every day, this is one of those restaurants in the park that is not worth risking if you want to eat there.

The reservation can be made directly at disney website and online, very easy.

Detail, the reservation must be made in the English version of the website, so be aware of this detail.

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  1. I'm dying to eat at this restaurant! On my next trip I'm in doubt between him and Sci Fi to eat with my husband and my 2 children. Which one do you recommend?

    • Hello Suzana! How are you?
      Look, both are 2 excellent options and it will depend a lot on your children's taste.
      If they are already a little older to the point of being able to eat at a table “alone”, we recommend the Sci Fi, so that each one can be in a row of a car, which are the coolest seats in the restaurant.
      If this is not the case, Prime Time Café will accommodate you better.
      I'm sure you'll love any of the options.


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